Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rhellion 365!

Now is time for the big format change announcement. I have decided to undergo a tough hobby challenge over the next year to try and play a game or do some hobby work EVERY DAY. This is going to be called the #Rhellion365 and I plan on playing pick up games at GW, hobby games with the club, small local tournament games, and large regional GT's to try and fill out all 365. Not every game or project will be Warhammer Fantasy, but the vast majority will be.

I will be playing mainly with Skaven, which are my main tournament army and the only fully painted force I own. But, as you will see in the first few games, I will also be playing with Daemons and High Elves on the table, any army I can create on Universal Battle, and also throwing in some Malifaux, Warmachine, maybe some Warhammer 40K, and maybe even some Dungeons and Dragons.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride, and if you are interested in a game in person or online, send me an email at I will probably need some motivation to complete this massive task, so your page views and comments are truly appreciated. Thanks, and as always you can follow me every day on Twitter @Rhellion.


  1. that's a hell of a challenge to stick with but I like it. Good luck sir!
    -cvinton (as OST)

  2. It's going to be hard, not going to lie. I think I can do it if I mix in other smaller games and game systems, but the focus will definitely be on WHFB.