Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Necrons... the planning

I was able to pick up some more Necron reinforcements yesterday, both new and used. The Necron Destroyer Lord for $16 was nice. I also picked a box of Wraiths, which are now one of my favorite models ever. The only problem is that while they are somewhat sturdy they are still top heavy, which I expected looking at the models.

I am hoping the resin bases I am planning on using for the army holds them down a bit. They are sturdy, until you blow on them basically... so the extra weight might to the trick. My original army intent was to not double up on units that weren't Core... but these guys really have me rethinking that. The models are my favorite, and their rules are pretty good. I still think I might stick to one unit of 6 with a Destroyer Lord attached.

Until next time. I have battle reports with Daemons vs High Elves, and Skaven vs Daemons in the works.

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  1. i absolutely love the wraiths, they are sadly the only models in my army that dont have resin bases, they wouldnt fit on them quite right so i'm going to have to put something heavy on the bottom of the bases.