Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Universal Battles!

Today I was introduced to a very cool, online way of playing Warhammer. It's called Universal Battles, and is basically an online map of the battlefield with chat options that allows you to position your models in real-time. Because it updates so quickly with your opponents, you are able to chat and discuss what you are doing, roll dice through the program, and play complete games of Warhammer. It's sooo cool!

Check out a screenshot of the game I just set up with Mr. Grant Fetter. We saved the game to finish on a later date.

Playing games are free, but with a membership you are able to create your own models / units. It also supports a very cool site. I paid $5 for a 3 month membership, or a $29 lifetime membership is also available.

Check it out!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Skaven review on Ohiohammer

I was a special guest on episode 10 of Ohiohammer, and spent a good 2 hours talking about Skaven! Check out episode 10 of Ohiohammer by downloading it on iTunes, or their website http://www.ohiohammer.com.

I feel pretty special to have been able to be a guest on 3 different podcasts now. In addition to Ohiohammer you can hear me on Garagehammer episode 28 and The Bad Dice Podcast episode 59.

That's it for hobby new for now, as I have become addicted to SKYRIM!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gamers Sanctuary 2500 Tournament

The Gamers Sanctuary in Flint, MI has started running regular Fantasy tournaments every month. I attended their first with the Skaven to see how I could do against a new field of opponents. Here is what I took and how well I did:

My list

Grey Seer, dispel scroll, foul pendant
Grey Seer, power scroll
Plague Priest, plague furnace, forbidden rod
Chieftain, BSB
Warlock Engineer, doomrocket
25 Storm Vermin, storm banner
30 Clan Rats
30 Clan Rats
40 Slaves
39 Slaves
5 Giant Rats
5 Gutter Runners, poison slings
30 Plague Monks, plague banner
Hell Pit Abomination, warp spikes
Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon

Game 1 vs Tomb Kings

Lich High Priest
Prince on chariot
Herald, BSB
Liche Priest
4 Chariots
10 Skeletal Horsemen
6 Skeletal Horse Archers
10 Archers
38 Warriors
38 Tomb Guard
War Sphynx

The scenario was Dawn Attack, and I had the first turn. To start off, my Gutter Runners were deployed up the middle, and for the first time I utilized Bless With Filth on them. As they were already poisoned, the unloaded a volley of 5+ poison sling shots at the Hierotitan, but cam one wound short of killing him. My cannons unloaded on the chariot block, killing one.

Turn 2 I went on the offensive with my second Grey Seer, Skitterleaping him towards the chariots and titan. After arriving though, he miscast and lost a level, along with Skitterleap. My Storm Vermin slammed into the flank of the Skeletal Horsemen and wiped them out, eliminating the TK vanguard.

Turn 3 the Storm Vermin were able to get into the flank of the King as the Plague Furnace charged the front of the chariot block. In combat the Hell Pit Abomination died to a flurry of Tomb Guard, but not until after killing all by 6 of the unit over two turns. The Skitterleaping Grey Seer while short on mobility, was able to Crack's Call the Hierotitan, a Prince on foot, and a row of Tomb Guard. After the Furnace finished off the chaiots, BSB, and General, my opponent conceded on turn 3.

Game 2 vs Vampire Counts

Game 2 against David's Vampires who I have played preparing for the GLWL Team Challenge, and who I plan on seeing in this year's GLWL League. Here was his list, with TWO Terror Gheists.

Vampire Lord, L4
Cairn Wraith
Cairn Wraith
Cairn Wraith
Cairn Wraith
19 Skeletons
30 Ghouls
27 Ghouls
22 Grave Guard, banner of the barrows
Terror Gheist
Terror Gheist

Game 2 being a Battleline, I was able to deploy how I wanted against David's monster mash. I was able to get my army in the left corner and have plenty of time to try and shoot down the monsters while I flanked his forces. It started out well on the first turn when I was able to shoot down the first Terror Gheist with poison Gutter Runners and a Cannon shot.

Turn 2 was filled with magic influencing the battle. David cast Van Hels with his Vampire Lord irresistibly, slamming his remaining Grave Guard into my second Grey Seer's Clan Rat unit, but losing both Van Hels and Invocation when he was drained of 2 magic levels. The Grey Seer survived so that on the next turn he could unleash his own magical flurry, but he also miscast and Dimensional Cascaded! With a lucky roll I survived, and blasted the Grave Guard with the large strength 10 template, finishing the unit off with an unintended explosion.

The same turn, I was able to charge the Vampire Lord who had been left in a small remaining Skeleton unit that had been decimated by the Doomrocket. Able to kill off the last 2 skeletons and defeat the Vampire Lord through crumbling combat resolution, David's army started to crumble around him. On turn 3 I was able to shoot down the Vargulf and 2 more Cairn Wraiths and force a concession from the Vampires.

Game 3 vs Dark Elves

Game 3 vs Adam's Dark Elves was an interesting match. Adam was a new player but handily earned a spot at the final table being the only other 2-0 player at the event. He had a tough Dark Elf list that I had seen the likes of before, but is never an "easy" game.

Dreadlord, pendant of khaleth, hydra blade
High Sorceress, shadow, dagger
Noble, cold one, death piercer, BSB
10 Black Guard, asf banner
9 Cold One Knights
17 Witch Elves
9 Shades
10 Crossbowmen
10 Crossbowmen
20 Corsairs
24 Warriors
War Hydra
War Hydra

I started things of strong on the first turn with a torrent of magic. For starters, I only rolled 3 dice for the winds of magic, but I used the Forbidden Rod to score a full 6 more power dice, and also channeled a die for a full 10 power dice while Adam only had 2. Plague first decimated multiple units of elves, bouncing between units and leaving the Blackguard and the General in a vulnerable unit size. Which then left the opening for my second Grey Seer to use his Power Scroll to cast the 13th Spell on only a 13 to wipe out the Blackguard and the DE General.

Turn 2 was more of the same for me with magic, able to take down the Cold One Knights to 1 model. Turn 2 the tables started to turn as the Dark Elves hit the Skaven lines. A mindrazored, poisoned up Witch Elf unit tore through the Plague Monks and Plague Furnace, killing them all in 2 turns. The Abom and the Storm Vermin got into the Corsairs and a Hydra then next turn, but were routed and the Abom killed while the SV were run down as they fled. Things swung back in my favor as the Abomination stood back up after death with 4 wounds, but more importantly did not give up its points.

Finally I was able to come back strong on the final two turns with more magical onslaught. The Hydras had been tearing through my lines, but on turn 5 and 6 I took out 1 Hydra then another with Crack's call to finish the Dark Elves off. The game ended a solid victory 2100 to 1500 as I secured the tournament championship.

The Skaven win another, and I got some solid games in to prepare for this season's Great Lakes Warhammer League. Until next time!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I have signed up for my weekend full of gaming at Adepticon 2012! This yeah my wife is traveling with for her first Adepticon to play in 2 Malifaux tournaments and to take a couple painting seminars. Here is my schedule for the weekend. LOTS of Warhammer!

Thursday: Malifaux CAKE Event

Friday: Warhammer Fantasy Big Brawl (3000 points, 3 games)

Saturday: Warhammer Fantasy Championships (2200 points, 4 games)

Sunday: Warhammer Fantasy Team Tournament (1000 points x2, 3 games)

This year will be my first year playing in the Team Tournament, and I will be joined by fellow GLWL division winner Nik Rodorigo and his Dark Elves.

Sign up fast! I know the Warhammer 40k Championships and the Team Tournament are already sold out! The Warhammer events sold out last year as well, though it usually takes a lot longer.

See you at Adepticon!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hobby Town tournament report

I drove down to Holland, Ohio this past weekend to face off against the Ohiohammer podcast crew in a small 1600 point tournament at Hobby Town USA. Things went well for the Skaven, and I am slowly getting back into the swing of things as I start to prepare for more local tournaments, Waaagh Paca, the GLWL kickoff, and the main event: Adepticon 2012! Here was my army at 1600:

Grey Seer
Plague Priest, plague furnace, ironcurse icon
Chieftain, BSB
Warlock, doomrocket
28 Storm Vermin, standard, mus, Storm Banner
37 Slaves, mus
36 Slaves, mus
28 Plague Monks, standard, mus
Hell Pit Abomination
Warp Lightning Cannon

I was running everything with bare bones upgrades to fit it all in, and it worked out in the end after I got over game 1!

Game 1 vs Tomb Kings, I was facing off against 2 Warsphynx's, a NecroSphynx, and a Hierotitan all at 1600 points. I figured it would be an easy task if I rolled up Crack's Call... then didn't roll Crack's Call! From that point I was playing "not to lose" and was able to take out all of his core units (the stuff I was able to kill). I think I made one mistake not going after the flank of a Warsphynx and trying to kill it with combat res with my Furnace, but ity led to combat with the chariot unit and more guaranteed points. His L3 Caster General abandoned his unit and was running around solo at the end of the game, and I failed on 3 chances to shoot/magic him down. Unable to kill all the giant monsters at 1600 points I fall 6-4 in a very tight loss.

Game 2 vs Dwarfs I was able to get off a quick win. Across the table I was facing an Anvil Runelord, Warriors w greatweapon, Longbeards with shields, a large unit of Rangers w great weapons, and 2 cannons and a grudge thrower. First rule of facing Skaven? Never let the Grey Seer use Skitterleap. I then set up Crack's Call with my Warpstone Tokens and took out all of the warmachines except for the surviving final Cannon (that didn't have the flamin Rune). A combo charge of Slaves and the Abom next turn take out the Rangers completely, and I was able to mop up from there to win big 15-0.

Game 3 vs Lizardmen, playing the remaining undefeated player. An ethereal Slaan in a horde of Saurus, some Saurus cav, loads of Skink units, and 2 single Salamanders. I was able to focus on the Saurus unit with shooting and magic over the first 2 turns and get it down to about 20 models from 30-something. On top of three I charged into a skink unit close by with my plague furnace horde, popped them and had set up to overrun into the Saurus so the next turn in combat when I counted as charging. Next turn rolls around and I defeat the horde, they fail their re-rollable insane courage, and I pop the Slaan and run down the horde for a huge 15-1 victory and win the tournament by 2 points.

It was a fun time driving down to see the Ohiohammer boys. After the tournament I recorded a Skaven army book review with them. Be sure to listen to Ohiohammer episode 10 to check it out!

Next weekend I have another tournament up in Flint, MI! Three in a row! Look for a battle report next week sometime.