Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I have signed up for my weekend full of gaming at Adepticon 2012! This yeah my wife is traveling with for her first Adepticon to play in 2 Malifaux tournaments and to take a couple painting seminars. Here is my schedule for the weekend. LOTS of Warhammer!

Thursday: Malifaux CAKE Event

Friday: Warhammer Fantasy Big Brawl (3000 points, 3 games)

Saturday: Warhammer Fantasy Championships (2200 points, 4 games)

Sunday: Warhammer Fantasy Team Tournament (1000 points x2, 3 games)

This year will be my first year playing in the Team Tournament, and I will be joined by fellow GLWL division winner Nik Rodorigo and his Dark Elves.

Sign up fast! I know the Warhammer 40k Championships and the Team Tournament are already sold out! The Warhammer events sold out last year as well, though it usually takes a lot longer.

See you at Adepticon!


  1. Do you want a DFG Shirt for this year's festivities?

  2. You forgot that Thursday night is drink your ass off at the bar night...