Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rust-oleum Painter's Touch sprays

I just wanted to a quick hobby post about the spray paints and primers I have been using lately for all of my armies. I had been having trouble in the ever-changing Michigan climate with different primers I have tried "fuzzing" and ruining models. Even worse, I've had some finish coats fuzz and ruin already detailed and painted models... so I began to look for alternatives to GW, Armory, and other hobby primers.

I hit the local hardware store and picked up some Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Primer. I get the cans that say "2X Coverage" and have the little icon of two painting cans on it. It sprays on what seems like thicker coats so I always make sure to stay FAR AWAY from the model and do very light, and possibly multiple coats. I started off with black exclusively on tanks when I still played 40k, and have slowly branched out into other colors such as brown and gray.

Lately I have taken it further, which is the reason I decided to post this up. I have been using them almost similar to the army shade products that other companies have produced. I picked up some new colors for my Wife's Daemon army, a VERY colorful army. I grabbed red, light purple, and light pink to use for the different shades of Bloodletters, Daemonettes, and Horrors. These have worked perfectly! I sprayed the models with 2 light coats and my basecoat was already done on the models. She used regular GW washes directly onto this coat and is already starting to get the entire army tabletop ready with very little work.

Here are some images of her first models with the direct spray basecoat and GW washes of her first models.

 Fiend conversion sprayed purple, and washed purple.

Bloodletters sprayed red and washed black.

She is taking painting classes at Adepticon this year and is hoping to get the entire army basecoated and then go back and highlight after she learns some new techniques.

Hopefully this showed you some alternate options to help out your hobby. Try out some of these cheap and time saving spray options. They work!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Empire has hit the net!

Straight from Warseer's rumor thread, new Empire!!! I am really liking the models. Ohboy.

Many of the other photos have dead links. Go check for more on Warseer if you missed them earlier.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Warhammer

Andrea and I had a good weekend of Warhammer. Saturday we hit up Pandemonium for a few games of Warhammer to give her a better idea of how much goes in in larger games compared to small, 750 point skirmishers. Sunday we hit up GW really quick and picked up a box of Bloodcrushers for her Daemon army. They really are fantastic kits.

First game was an Adepticon Team Tournament practice game for my partner Nik and I. I have decided to try and bring Ogres along with his Dark Elves, so we had a practice vs more Ogres and Daemons. Things did not go so well for our team as Nik's Spearmen block and Sorcerer got Dweller'd off the board, my Ogres got eaten up by Bloodletters, and my Mournfang were seemingly ineffective. I still want to give the composition a chance, but worst case scenario I can switch back to Skaven for the Team Tournament.

Then we practiced a straight up 2500 point game with possible tournament lists for next month. The Daemons switched up to use Shadow magic for the second game, and I brought my triple Mournfang list.

I wanted to keep all three Mournfang within the range of at least the General, BSB, or hopefully both. My Ironblaster was on the far right flank hoping to get a shot on the Bloodthirster first turn, but the Daemons rolled to go first and Billy (the Bloodthirster) was able to take cover behind the building. The Shadow magic hurt early as critical debuffs on my Mournfang made me gun shy and less eager to move forward.

From here the Daemons ate me pretty easily. Daemonettes moved to the side of my line and smashed into a Mournfang block, boosted up by ASF from the Herald, and a nifty spell called Mindrazor. The chewed through the entire units 12 wounds and 2+ armor save like they were nothing and wiped the first unit of MF on the second turn.

I was able to get off 2 long 10" charges on the Bloodletter horde the next turn and just about wipe them out in a single round. Mournfang and Ogre units together will  do that. But as I finished them off, Fiends and Daemonettes were killing off my General's unit elsewhere, and Billy was circling around, catching cannon balls, and setting himself up to finish off stragglers... which he did.

In the end I was tabled. I think I killed off the Bloodletters, Daemonettes, and some chaff... but didn't touch the expensive support units of Fiends and Flamers, or the Tz Herald on a disc or Bloodthirster. Big win for Daemons as the Ogres go down in flames.

Also in an update, we finished up all 5 Fiends in the unit. I posted them to my Twitter feed this weekend, but here they are for the blog.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ogre basecoat

I started basing and priming Ogres last night to try and get my army painted before a couple tournaments next month. They are small events just before Adepticon, but I still would like to get a 3 color minimum on my whole army before attending so I can bring the Ogres! My only setback yesterday was one of the batches of 5 getting fuzzed with primer. It almost ruined my night.... sigh. 23 days to paint. Ready. Set. GO.

Here is the general look of the Ogres. I plan on doing washes and highlights in the future, but right now the goal is to get them on the table asap.

What do you think of the color choice?

The base will be light grey with light highlights, and snow flock. The Daemons and Ogres will be based the same with a goal in mind of playing together at Adepticon 2013's team tournament.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fiend #2 and the GLWL

I finished work on Fiend number 2 for the Daemon army last night. I like the look of it much better. We're hoping to play our first big game this Thursday at 2000points. Look for pictures and updates on Twitter. We're sort of cheating by skipping ahead and playing bigger games. I guess it's not a true Tale of Two Gamers, but we don't care. We want to get as much practice in actually playing as possible.

Preliminary results are in for the Wayne division of the 2012 GLWL. Mike and I both went 5-0 after not playing each other this year within the division. He scored more victory points than I did overall (with the help of a couple scenario bonuses) so he will be representing the Wayne division in the league championship bracket. This means I will get a shot at defending my tournament championship from last year, and I will be bringing the Ogres! He deserves it after I nicked a win from him in the Gamers Sanctuary Adepticon Primer (last weekend) on table 1 round 3 for the tournament overall win.... my hot dice stole the game for sure.

This also means I have 2500 points of Ogres to paint in a month! Three color standard is a minimum to score some painting points, but I am hoping to also at least get them washed and based. Furious basing and priming begins today at 3:00pm!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Unique Daemons

So as I stated in the last update, my Wife is starting up a Daemons of Chaos army for Warhammer Fantasy. We bit the bullet last Thursday and picked up all the models for her 2400 point army and started building. Along the way, I started putting together some conversions to add a little unique flair to the army, while she was feverishly assembling Bloodletters. For Furies, I decided to use Ungor and Gargoyle wings from the 40k kit. After looking online and getting Twitter feedback, I bumped these up to Gor with Gargoyle wings. For the Fiends of Slaanesh I really wanted something unique and eye catching... and cheaper than $23 metal models. After seeing a similar idea on the Daemon forum, I decided to use Seekers of Slaanesh as the base for the "Centaurs of Slaanesh" Fiends. The idea was the body below the waist as a Seeker, sleek and fast... and the upper body of a Daemonette with the huge champion claws from the Seeker and Daemonette kit. Have a look for #miniaturemonday.

The first of the Furies was looking a little static, so I added some dynamic poses the 3 of the remaining 4 in the first unit.

Very simple, yet effective conversions. Next up was a little more advanced, for me.

The first version of the Fiend. I posted up to Twitter and got some feedback that I needed to get rid of the saddle. I agreed. That would mean I would need to do some Greenstuff work though, which I have never really done.

Back to the planning stages. Here is my first layer. I tried to smooth it out and make it as easy as possible to make look good later.

After the greenstuff work and reassembly of the claws, I am very happy with the results. The remaining 3 in the unit have less difficult skin/scale patterns and hair. It was also MUCH easier shaving the saddles before assembling the model. I am more confident the remaining 3 Fiends will look better.

 We also picked up a steal in the used bin. After making sure it was what she wanted, I grabbed a used Greater War Demon from Ultraforge Miniatures to use as the Bloodthirster... for only $20! The little paint on the model is very thin, so I don't have any problems painting over it, rather than trying to strip such a large model.

I also picked up my Battlefoam 720 that arrived this week. This is my Ogre army's case, and also came with a custome tray that fits 4 Mournfang and 2 Ironblasters.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tale of Two Gamers

I have a new student of the game! My Wife, who is also a video gamer, roleplaying gamer, and now wargame enthusiast, is interested in learning Warhammer. She has already started the beginnings of her own Daemons of Chaos army. And as we are both starting up new projects (I am a little ahead of her, already having my 2500 points of new Ogres), I'll try to post up our progress as we build our completed new armies.

We are getting ready to start off with some learning games at 500 points each. Here is how we are looking to start. Notice the single Sabertusk in my list. I'm sure it will get eaten almost immediately, but I had to meet the 3 unit minimum!

Rhellion's 500 point Ogre list:

Firebelly, L1 Fire
5 Ogres, bellower, ironfists
4 Ironguts, bellower
1 Sabertusk

Mrs Rhellion's 500 point Daemon list:

 Herald of Khorne, armor of khorne
10 Bloodletters, full command
10 Bloodletters
3 Flamers

There will be no timeline on this project, as we are slowly building as we paint some of this. Though I will probably be taking unpainted Ogres to some local small events.

Shot of the Ogres to be completed... battle report and info on the Daemons coming soon:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

GLWL Game 5

My final game of the 2012 GLWL was against the Empire, with an artillery capped list. It was more of a 7th edition style list with small units and detachment support, but I would still have to survive the salvo of war machines as I crossed the table. We rolled up Meeting Engagement and my opponent would deploy and go first, so he definitely would maximize the amount of shooting he would hit me with.

L4 Life
L2 Fire
2 War Priests
20 Swordsmen
10 Handgunner detachment
20 Halberdiers
10 Crossbowmen detachment
20 Great Swords
10 Crossbowmen detachment
20 Halberdiers
10 Handgunner detachment
16 Crossbowmen
2 Mortars
1 Cannon
1 Rocket Battery
1 Volleygun

The Empire set up behind swamps and forests and told me to come get some. Even with the storm banner up he was able to roll 4+ to shoot all his artillery both of the first turns. It did at least slow his small arms fire from chewing me up. First turn the Fire Wizard threw 6 dice at a large Fireball and managed to put 4 wounds on the Hell Pit Abomination straight away. A cannonball went through the Plague Furnace, killing the Priest and putting 2 wounds on the Furnace itself (luckily for me it was only 2).

I marched forward as quickly as possible and Skitterleaped my second Grey Seer to 6 dice Crack's Call at his mass of war machines. When I didn't get the double 6 I was hoping for I lost Crack's Call to seal of destruction, and now had less tools against the cannon that would be facing down my Furnace next turn.

But instead, the cannon turned to grape shot the Grey Seer, leaving my Furnace free to advance upon the Empire Lines. This also managed to NOT kill my lone Grey Seer, who had no saves of any kind.

From here out I was able to get the Abomination into the unit on the left as the Furnace aimed towards the artillery on the right.Plague did its job and I was able to weaken the Empire lines as I trudged forward. A Doomrocket blast panicked the Great Swords off the board, as they were well away from the General and BSB. They were the serious threat to my flank as I went up the middle, and with them gona the Skaven heavy hitters had free reign.

With 1 wound left the Hell Pit chewed through 3 units, halberdiers and 2 detachments of shooters (including the Fire mage) before succumbing to dangerous terrain and finally dying. The furnace recieved a charge from the weakened swordsmen and Empire General gladly, and broke and ran them down. From there it popped war machine after war machine, leaving the Empire line crippled.

I finished off the rest of the Empire that I could and picked up a very solid win. I definitely think it could have gone differently if the Empire had stayed focused on my big targets in the beginning. The fact that the Furnace survived while my opponent passed his Storm Banner rolls is luck and poor target choice. The HPA just does what he does, killing 3 units while having only 1 wound remaining. The majority of my units that were left were shells as well. If the Empire could have finished off all of what was left with less than 10 models, I may have lost as much as I won by.

The big 2437 point win puts me at 5-0 in the GLWL and sitting on top of the current pile. The final 8 for the Championship bracket will all also probably be big winners. Now I sit and wait and see if I earn a place in the top 8 and get a chance for the league championship.