Friday, July 30, 2010

GLWL 8th Edition rules 1.0

In order to help people along who are interested in starting new armies for 8th Edition, Brian and the Great Lakes Warhammer League have released their version 1.0 rules for Army Composition to be used in the League and GLWL Events. If you're interested in the league, I played last year for the first time and had a great time, winning my division but not scoring enough points to advance to the final tournament. You can check out the GLWL HERE.

Great Lakes Warhammer League (GLWL)
Summary of 2011 Army Composition & Magic Rules
Version 1.0
The following army composition and magic rules have been put in place to encourage
players to build 2500 point armies which are balanced in nature. It is the opinion of the
League Office that when all players participating in a competitive event build balanced
lists, the likelihood of getting a bad match-up based on the army list build (i.e. the “Rock /
Paper / Scissors” affect) is reduced and the enjoyment factor for the vast majority of
players participating in the event is increased.

GLWL Composition Rules

1) You may NOT include any Special Characters (e.g. Karl Franz, Teclis, Malekith, etc.),
or named unit champions (e.g. The Changeling, Kouran of the Black Guard, etc.), in an
army without prior approval of the League Office.
2) You may NOT duplicate Rare choices in an army, unless the units are 100 points or
less. For example, an Empire army may only include one Steam Tank.
3) You may include a maximum of 4 War Machine choices in an army. For example an
Orcs & Goblins army may field 2 Goblin Bolt Throwers (a 2 for 1 choice), 2 Goblin Rock
Lobbers (2 Special Choices), and a Goblin Doom Diver (a Rare Choice).
4) You may include a maximum of 3 units with Fly special rule in your army list.
Characters that have the Fly special rule or are riding mounts with the Fly special
rule do count against this limit!
5) You may include a maximum of 2 units with the Thunderstomp special rule in your
army list. Characters that have the Thunderstomp special rule or are riding mounts with
the Thunderstomp special rule do count against this limit!

GLWL Magic Rules

Power Dice You can use a maximum of 12 power dice in each magic phase, regardless
of the source.
Power Scrolls: Power Scrolls are banned. You may not include them in your army.

Questions ?
If you have any questions related to this document, please e-mail Brian @

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3000 point Skaven vs High Elves

I played another 3000 point game tonight trying to fine tune a list I had been contemplating for 'Ard Boyz. My game Saturday was getting used to the high point level, but was filled with 'fun' stuff I wouldn't truly take to 'Ard Boyz. Tonight I faced off against Brian F. from the Great Lakes Warhammer League and his 'Ard Boyz tuned High Elf list! I wrote out my list a few times today, and with the help from the lads over at The UnderEmpire, decided on a Seer/Warlord list rather than a dual Seer list. I was leaning towards dual Seer all week but decided against it. I'm glad I did, the balanced list did well.

Brian's list was generally this: Teclis using Lore of Life, level 2 mage with the Lore of Metal, BSB Hero with Magic Immunity banner,and a foot Lord with some magic items. Dragon Prince, Lions, Swordmasters, Seaguard, Spearmen, Archers, 2 Bolt Throwers, shadow warriors (HE scouts, I forget), and an Eagle.

Here was my list

475 Grey Seer, lvl 4 plague and ruin, screaming bell, power scroll
218 Warlord, war litter, shield, weeping blade, worlds edge armor, rival hide talisman, potion of strength

290 Plague Priest, lvl 1 plague, plague furnace, dispel scroll, opal amulet
143 Assassin, tail weapon, the other trickster’s shard
115 Chieftain, bsb, talisman of endurance, shield of distraction

325 30 Storm Vermin, champion, standard, musician, war banner, plague wind mortar
235 30 Clan Rats, champion, standard, musician, shields, spears, plague wind mortar
155 30 Clan Rats, champion, standard, musician, shields
062 30 Slaves, musician
062 30 Slaves, musician

250 25 Plague Monks, champion, standard, musician, storm banner
090 5 Gutter Runners, slings, poisoned attacks
090 5 Gutter Runners, slings, poisoned attacks

150 Doomwheel
250 Hell Pit Abomination, warp spikes
090 Warp Lightning Cannon

We started the game off by deploying, obviously. Teclis was deployed in the White Lions, along with the magic immunity banner. I wouldn't be able to touch him with the 13th Spell! I deployed one unit of gutter runners 12" away from one bolt thrower, then he deployed his Scouts near my weapon teams, then I deployed my last gutter runners in front of my weapon teams to block them.

First turn, Teclis IR'd Dwellers Below to drag down 18 of 30 Clan Rats. Thankfully my Grey Seer passed his test (thank you S5 Rat Ogre crew). Not much else happened. My turn 1, I warped his unit of Swordmasters into clan rats. Small, elite infantry units are the perfect target. I used 6 dice and my power scroll, but rolled 3 6's anyways. I was also able to take out the Bolt Thrower on my left in one round of shooting with the Gutter Runners. Poisoned slings ftw.

From here on out, Teclis used a lot of powerful magic without anything to stop him, and I advanced while taking casualties. My Abomination was able to catch the Eagle second turn because he was grounded with the Storm Banner, after the flaming attacks from the Archers only wounded him once. My Storm Vermin made a good charge to get by the Shadow Warriors (?) in combat with the Gutter Runners and then ran off the Spearmen they charged. Warlord riding a war litter, with a Weeping Blade made short work of the unit champion in the challenge.

Brian made some horrible charge rolls, leadership rolls, to hit rolls, etc, etc, etc... his rolls were definitely against him. But, my Plague Monks and Plague Furnace didn't really get into combat. They were slowed down by my deployment. Too many slaves surrounding my Furnace unit, and it never got into the thick of things.

But after the fighting, it didn't matter. Finally this game I really think my Gutter Runners did excellently, and I was glad I stuck with them. I only truly lost 65 victory points (one weapon team) during the whole game. The other units that broke were able to rally to deny points. I am feeling pretty comfortable overall with the list, but I would definitely like to get some more practice in.

Monday, July 26, 2010

3000 point Skaven vs Lizardmen

Gargunki and I had a Skaven vs Lizardmen big battle this weekend. The Lizardmen were victorious in a marathon Battle for the Pass. Please head over to WAAAGH! Gargunki to check out his great battle report.

"I regret nothinggggg...!"

Friday, July 23, 2010

8th Edition BRB FAQ / Island of Blood Announced

Link to FAQ

- Skaven really use SiN for Steadfast now
- Purple Sun no longer hits the Wizard casting it
- Purple Sun also doesn't effect units it jumps through after max distance
- multiple +1 attack possible
- unstable + ethereal clarified
- LoS against template spells
- must slay rider + mount to score any victory point

The answer that "You must kill the rider and mount to score any victory points" is an interesting one. This means if you kill a Grey Seer who is the army General while riding a Screaming Bell, you won't get his points, or the 100 points for killing a General, unless you also kill the Screaming Bell. You must kill the rider and mount to score any victory points

New Update!

Island of Blood has also been officially announced.

According to GW, there are 74 models in the box set and we should look forward to Official Pictures next week.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2500 Skaven vs Daemons of Chaos

Tuesday night 40K was taken over by the Fantasy players last night. A new edition means a lot of new interest in Warhammer. I scheduled a game with John C, and he brought along his old Daemons of Chaos army. John retired them last edition because he believed them to be ridiculously broken, and played his other armies (including his Tournament winning Lizardmen). He is trying to get as many games in as possible, because he will be officiating the 'Ard Boys location that I am playing at.

The list he brought was a pretty solid and balanced Daemon list. It looked something like this:
Tzeentch Herald
Khorne Herald
Slaanesh Herald
Large block of Horrors
Large block of Bloodletters
Large block of Daemonettes
2 units of lone Bloodcrusher champions
1 unit of 5 Seekers of Slaanesh
2 units of 3 Flamers

My army list is a smaller version of the list I am wanting to play at 'Ard Boys:
Grey seer on screaming bell, power scroll and skalm
Plague Priest on plague furnace, dispel scroll
BSB with the 4+ ward talisman
Warlock with no magic level, but has the Ruby Ring of Ruin
25 Storm Vermin, storm banner, plague wind mortar
25 Clan Rats with spears, plague wind mortar
30 Clan Rats with hw/sh, pushing the bell
31 Slaves, 5 wide for Steadfast
31 Slaves, 5 wide for Steadfast
25 Plague Monks, banner of swiftness
10 Plague Censer Bearers
8 Gutter Runners, poisoned attacks
Warp Lightning Cannon

Let me just say, the game was dominated by the 13th Spell. To start, we played Meeting Engagement. John's Khorne and Slaanesh Heralds were put into reserve! My only reserve was my lone Warlock. This made John have to place his units within range of the board edge so the Heralds could join their respective units, totally slowing those units down for the first turns. I placed my entire army on the board first, so he was able to counter my deployment. I was hoping to at least counter his counter with my Scouting Gutter Runners, but I don't think I've got these guys figured out yet. They are their to try and get at war machines, but this game they were chasing Flamers around on the board corner away from the action. I guess they did keep them away from my lines all game!

To start the game, I sent my Doomwheel straight at his Bloodthirster. I had range that I should be able to get close enough to him to blast him, or even charge him first turn! That is, until I rolled a total of 8 on 3d6 coming up short by about 3 inches. I instead had to shoot his Horrors. The cannon came up short as well, rolling 2 for it's strength. But my first turn magic phase I rolled 31 on 6d6 to cast the 13th Spell with no double 6 for Irresistable Force / Miscast! John tried to use all 7 of his dice to dispel, because there was a pretty solid chance he would get double sixes right? Wrong. A tone of dead Daemonettes later his unit had 5 left for the Herald to join.

Daemon first turn was slowed by the Heralds being in reserve. The Horrors and Gutter Runners were dancing around away from all the action, but the Bloodthirster charged and demolished my Doomwheel in one combat. D'oh. One of his Bloodcrushers needed to roll a 6 on 3d6 (keeping the highest 2) and failed, so he watched his other Bloodcrusher buddy getting stuck with Clan Rat spears that were poisoned from Bless with Filth.

Second turn I needed to roll a 3 on 2d6 total to get my Plague Furnace and monks into the lone Bloodcrusher, and hopefully carry into his Daemons beyond. I ROLLED A 2 on 2d6! Epic fail. Hello random Warhammer 8th Edition. We meet again! Shooting was still uneventful, as I rolled another 2 for the strength of my WLC coming up just short of the Bloodthirster. Magic time?! Yes?! 13th Spell! I cast it on 6d6 this time, and used my power scroll. Almost every die rolled a 2 or a 4. Good thing I used my power scroll, this time I warped all but 6 of his Horrors into dead rat pulp.

From here on we could tell the game was tilted towards my side greatly. 2 turns getting the 13th spell of is a bit much to overcome, even for a Bloodthirster. I did charge one of my tarpit Slave units into his Bloodthirster and they performed very well, holding him for 1.5 turns in combat. Plague Furnace did get into combat with the remaining giant Bloodletter unit. Much carnage to be had, but the furnace got his flank and wrecked the unit. My Plague Priest got hit by killing blow in one swing, but the furnace crew, monks, fog, impact hits, and wrecking ball was just too much. Plus on the third turn I cast the 13th Spell AGAIN to turn the remaining Daemonettes into a small Clan Rat unit that helped rear charge the Bloodletters.

The Seekers did get my flank and have an open lane to the back of my line, getting all the way to my WLC! I really should have sent the Doomwheel after them instead of going straight for the jackpot trying to blast away the Bloodthirster. The Bloodthirster himself did eventually get to my Screaming Bell. He was slowed by the Doomwheel, Storm Banner, and tarpitting Slaves... but he got there. The first turn of combat my brave Skaven unit champion challenged the might Daemon! He got instantly split in two. The next turn the Bloodthirster directed all of his attacks on the Grey Seer and only caused one wound!!! The protection of the Horned rat was great indeed. At least until next turn when he got pulped. My Clan Rats and Rat Ogre crew actually did 4 wounds in return to the Bloodthirster in return, but never could kill him.

The game ended and I still had a bunch of models left, including my riderless Furnace AND Bell. John had 4 Seekers, a Bloodthirster, and a few Flamers left. in reflection, the game would have been much different with a few higher charge rolls! Random charge distances made a huge difference in our game. My BSB also survived in the end because of the charge reaction rules. The Bloodthirster declared a charge on his unit of Clan Rats (pre-Screaming Bell charge) that I HAD to accept, or run off the board. When the Seekers also declared, I elected to flee down the board edge instead. They then rallied later before the end of the game to deny John a lot of points. The Seekers and Bloodthirster both then were able to pass their Leadership tests and redirect their charges (including the Bloodthirster into the Screaming Bell). Though the deciding factor was magic. The Dreaded 13th Spell owned the game, going off all first 3 turns. There was really no coming back from it for the Daemons.

We also played some of the mysterious terrain, though we only ended up with 1 piece. The Blood Wood that damages units inside of it if magic is cast in it or into it on a 4+. The wood them MOVES d6" in a random direction. This did actually stop me from casting with my Plague Priest while inside of the woods. I believe terrain, along with the new missions, make the new edition much more about adapting and playing rather than building an uber list that will smash in a pitched battle!

Good game!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Screaming Bell completed

I worked all night to finish my Screaming Bell. 2 Monster Energy Drinks and 1 5-Hour Energy later (and a few hours of sleep) and I have some finished pictures! I was planning on doing WIP shots as I completed pieces, but my internet was totally crapping out on me yesterday. I'm glad to get these up.

I really like the look of it. I also made sure to differ his paint scheme slightly from my Plague Furnace, to really distinguish each of them on the battlefield. I think I'll be using one of each for a while in my upcoming games. After painting them, how can I not!

Now I just cannot wait for the new Island of Blood boxed set. The pictures floating around the internet show that the Clan Rats look almost identical to the regiment boxed set. It should be easy to make a couple large units and add to what I already have pushing the Bell. BTW, the Rat Ogres look amazing!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Island of Blood contents spotted!

Surfing the interwebs today I found some reports of the Island of Blood models being seeing at local GW Hobby Centers! Take these reports for what they are, internet posts, but get ready to be excited...

Over on Dakka dakka, there are rumored sightings of the contents of the new starter set.

"GW stores now are now receiving their display sprues from Island Of Blood. Customers in my local GW store were assisting in assembling the models today. They look absolutely terrific. I've seen Swordmasters and the Griffin assembled. Great detail, poses, etc. The Skaven stuff looked good on the sprue. As rumored, 2 Rat Ogres and a Warp Fire Thrower among all the great smaller stuff."


"check out the burning rat on the 'thrower"


"Got ahold of the minis today for Island of Blood. Skaven are amazing, High Elves pretty good. Chieftain in the style of Queek, but with a back banner and halberd. 40 Clanrats, Warpfire Thrower (complete with burning rat), Posion Wind Mortar (meh, was disappointed by this, not much detail on the mortar itself), Chieftan, Warlock Engineer, 2 Rat Ogres (tiny heads) and a Pack Master.

On the High Elf side it was a Prince on a Griffon (on a flying stand, really, really, really, ugly. It was stretched out like the Dragon is though, in a "flying motion"), 5 very nice Elerian Reavers (fantastic champion in this unit), 10 Sword Masters (pretty sure they were all unique models- same pose/different style armor and whatnots), and 10 Sea Guard.

That's all I saw, and was told it's going to be $90. I'm getting 2 for my Skaven, unfortunately all the Clanrats have shields sculpted on."


"Clanrats are armed with hand weapons"


"And no slaves for the skavens? Sad "

I just may have to give my local GW a call and see if they have them available. Apparently they need to have the Island of Blood contents assembled, painted, and on display by the first week in August.

Another quote update:
I'm the 3rd quote there, currently waiting for my Rat Ogre's bases to finish drying before going on to prime them smile.gif

Be jealous.

But as far as I've seen, there are no Slaves or Globadiers with what I have been sent. The infantry I have are 40 rats, all with shields, 20 with hand weapons, and 20 with spears. So I guess they can still be Slaves, it's just all in the painting, as the models are almost indistinguishable from normal multi-part Clanrats.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Dreaded 13th Spell

One thing I have learned about 8th edition is not that huge blocks of infantry rule the game, or new monsters and thunderstomps are deadly... it is that most armies have 1 truly devastating spell in the magic phase that they hope to get off and wipe out entire units. Pit of Shades, Purple Sun, all Gateway are similar for other armies, and for Skaven it is The Dreaded 13th Spell.

 25+ cast
May only effect Infantry
4d6 models are removed as casualties, no saves.
If you remove equal or more models than are in the unit, replace with a Clan Rat unit of equal size with any equipment.

The 13th Spell has been truly devastating in 8th Edition for me. The ability to throw 6 dice has gotten me a cast once per game on average. Recently I took out a unit of Saurus Temple Guard and their Slann Mage Priest (who is listed as Infantry in the BRB, by the way). Last night I warped 19 Chaos Warriors, leaving their banner bearer, Chaos Lord, and Sorcerer Lord in their own 3-man unit.

Just throwing 6 dice may not be enough. Warp Stone Tokens allow you to go after your maximum casting dice, but also cause wounds on a 1. I have cast Big 13 on a roll of 25 without IF, but it's been scrolled. There is nothing as heart breaking as losing a 13 Spell cast to a scroll. Well I guess losing your General to the spell is much worse, but you know what I mean.

What I like in the new BRB is the Power Scroll. Declare before casting that you are using the Power Scroll, and ANY roll of doubles causes you to cast with Irresistable Force!

Just remember though, the new miscast chart is nasty but it's not DEADLY (for your Grey Seer) unless you roll a 2-4 on 2d6 and then a 1-3 on 1d6. Wounds are what Skalm was made for, but a strength 10 hit to every model in base with your Screaming Bell (15 models) HURTS. Also watch out for Feedback Scrolls. The spell goes off, but those 6 dice you just used for 13 are all rerolled, and any 5+ will cause you a wound with no armor saves. But remember this can only be used if not cast with IF, because the Feedback Scroll is used instead of attempting to dispel... you cannot dispel a cast of IF!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Screaming Bells and a Meeting Engagement

I bought and started to assemble a new Screaming Bell this weekend after playing my opening day Warhammer 8th Edition games. I'm looking forward to trying out a Bell + Furnace list on Tuesday, hopefully. But I was thinking about a few rules questions based on these models.

I've only played two of the new scenarios so far, the regular pitched battle, and Meeting Engagement. ME is the diagonal board halves deployment, 6" from the center line, one whole side deploying at once. But the kicker, and my question, is that each unit, including warmachines and individual characters, has to roll a d6 and is placed in reserve on a roll of 1.

The Screaming Bell and the Plague Furnace have to be deployed inside a unit (each unit depends on the model in question). If the Bell or Furnace is placed in reserve by rolling a 1 during deployment, it is destroyed! They have no movement, meaning that even if the unit I want them to join when they arrive on the board is also on the board edge, I cannot join because I cannot place any friendly models within 1" of another friendly unit. I don't think they even come on the board though, because they have to be deployed inside of their unit in question. Also this matters if I roll a 1 for Plague Monks, because the Furnace can ONLY be deployed in a unit of Plague Monks.

Is this correct?

Also, Can a Skaven Assassin be deployed/revealed in a Screaming Bell unit? Can he be 'deployed' (and noted on the army list) before the Bell so the unit is not unbreakable yet, and then revealed at a later time? Or can he not be in the Screaming Bell unit at all?

Friday, July 9, 2010

8th Edition FAQ's are out!

The 8th Edition FAQ's have been released. Which is funny because they read "Last updated July 10th". I'm posting from the future! Some big rulings for the Skaven in this one, a massive 7 page FAQ. All of the other army books are 2, 3 or 4 pages.

*The Doomwheel can shoot into combat.

*Strength in Numbers works along with Steadfast. Add the rank bonus to LD after Steadfast is determined.

*Storm Banner effects ALL non-BS shooting on a 4+ (including Warpstone weapons)

*Doom-Flayer use the machines strength for Impact Hits

*The 13th spell removes only infantry models, if a larger character joined the unit they are placed 1" away from the new Skaven Clan Rats

*Giant Rats attack in 3 ranks, plus the Handler attacks.

Looking forward to getting some games in tomorrow!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Vermin Lord couldn't wait for 8th Edition!

While anxiously awaiting my 8th edition rule book, that has already arrived at my local store but I can't pick up until 12:01am Saturday, I finally gave up reading blogs and started painting. So tonight I sat down and finished painting my Vermin Lord after reading some 8th Edition Skaven opinions. I decided I wanted to try him out this weekend if I can get someone to play 2500 points.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More thoughts on 8th edition

Days away from the Warhammer 8th Edition release and I spent some more time playing the new Warhammer rules this week, getting 3 more games in. I played twice against High Elves and once against Orcs and Goblines (more or less just goblins). I played to a Draw in both games and realized something: it is hard to win in 8th edition. According to the rule book, you need to score twice as many victory points as your opponent to win... every other result is a draw. No more minor, major or massacre victories.

As for the games themselves, I tried out some very different lists to get a better feel for my Skaven in the new edition. My first list was fairly balanced, and had the Furnace, some mortars, and the Doomwheel. Everything performed well enough but the mortars were very nice with no more guess range and pre-measuring allowed. My second game was an all infantry list, 1000 points with 201 models! There were so many dead rats at the end of the game vs the Goblins, but I still almost wiped out my opponent to the man. But since I didn't, we counted it up and had a draw. My third game I tried out magic in the form of a Grey Seer, and also tried the Hell Pit Abomination. The magic phase was very nice to me in this game. First turn my level one Plague Priest got off Plague. Later my Grey Seer cast Skitterleap to avoid what would have been death in close combat, and cast The Dreaded 13th Spell to wipe out a unit of Phoenix Guard. The Hell Pit Abomination did not perform as well as I'm used to, because he got tore up by Dragon Princes. He killed them but left with only 1 wound.

I had a few "new-rule" thoughts:

High Elves with ASF and re-rolls are just nasty. My large troop blocks were just decimated. I was losing many combats because just too many hits were getting through. High Elves will do very well with this rule. It is also what crippled my Hell Pit Abomination. 4 Dragon Princes with lances charging the HPA, also re-rolling attacks with their lances. Ouch.

Swift Reform rule is awesome. Just awesome. Probably one of my favorite new rules. A swift reform allows you to take a leadership test if you have a musician. If you pass, you may reform as normal, THEN take a regular move without marching. If you fail you may only reform without moving. This, combined with free reforms after winning combat (or a leadership test to reform after losing) really speeds up the death and carnage in close combat. More units fighting, lots more models dying.

I really like the new magic system. My opponent was getting pretty unlucky with his miscast rolls and becoming a little jaded with his failures with magic... but after it was all said and done he still did alright and we were pretty balanced. My Grey Seer list did it's job (which was to take out a unit with the 13th spell) without dying. In fact he was the only non-slave model on the board at the end of the game. Thank you Skitterleap!