Friday, July 9, 2010

8th Edition FAQ's are out!

The 8th Edition FAQ's have been released. Which is funny because they read "Last updated July 10th". I'm posting from the future! Some big rulings for the Skaven in this one, a massive 7 page FAQ. All of the other army books are 2, 3 or 4 pages.

*The Doomwheel can shoot into combat.

*Strength in Numbers works along with Steadfast. Add the rank bonus to LD after Steadfast is determined.

*Storm Banner effects ALL non-BS shooting on a 4+ (including Warpstone weapons)

*Doom-Flayer use the machines strength for Impact Hits

*The 13th spell removes only infantry models, if a larger character joined the unit they are placed 1" away from the new Skaven Clan Rats

*Giant Rats attack in 3 ranks, plus the Handler attacks.

Looking forward to getting some games in tomorrow!

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  1. edit!

    As per last game, and the back of the new rule book, Slaan are infantry models. They CAN be effected by the 13th spell. I warped Gargunki's Slaan into a twisted little rodent last game!

    The rule more effects cavalry or characters on monstrous mounts who join units.