Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Dreaded 13th Spell

One thing I have learned about 8th edition is not that huge blocks of infantry rule the game, or new monsters and thunderstomps are deadly... it is that most armies have 1 truly devastating spell in the magic phase that they hope to get off and wipe out entire units. Pit of Shades, Purple Sun, all Gateway are similar for other armies, and for Skaven it is The Dreaded 13th Spell.

 25+ cast
May only effect Infantry
4d6 models are removed as casualties, no saves.
If you remove equal or more models than are in the unit, replace with a Clan Rat unit of equal size with any equipment.

The 13th Spell has been truly devastating in 8th Edition for me. The ability to throw 6 dice has gotten me a cast once per game on average. Recently I took out a unit of Saurus Temple Guard and their Slann Mage Priest (who is listed as Infantry in the BRB, by the way). Last night I warped 19 Chaos Warriors, leaving their banner bearer, Chaos Lord, and Sorcerer Lord in their own 3-man unit.

Just throwing 6 dice may not be enough. Warp Stone Tokens allow you to go after your maximum casting dice, but also cause wounds on a 1. I have cast Big 13 on a roll of 25 without IF, but it's been scrolled. There is nothing as heart breaking as losing a 13 Spell cast to a scroll. Well I guess losing your General to the spell is much worse, but you know what I mean.

What I like in the new BRB is the Power Scroll. Declare before casting that you are using the Power Scroll, and ANY roll of doubles causes you to cast with Irresistable Force!

Just remember though, the new miscast chart is nasty but it's not DEADLY (for your Grey Seer) unless you roll a 2-4 on 2d6 and then a 1-3 on 1d6. Wounds are what Skalm was made for, but a strength 10 hit to every model in base with your Screaming Bell (15 models) HURTS. Also watch out for Feedback Scrolls. The spell goes off, but those 6 dice you just used for 13 are all rerolled, and any 5+ will cause you a wound with no armor saves. But remember this can only be used if not cast with IF, because the Feedback Scroll is used instead of attempting to dispel... you cannot dispel a cast of IF!


  1. That will be the first time and the last time I get hit with the 13th spell. Why I didn't take the Becalming Cogitation on my Slaan I will never know... oh yeah now I know: because I'm a n00b!

  2. Is there any item or loop hole that allows you more than 6 dice to attempt to cast a spell? I'm sure I remember reading in one item it saying "add 1 power dice to the power pool" and another wording saying "add 1 power dice to attempt to cast". Wishful thinking.