Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Infantry Wolves

I am playing in my first singles 40K tournament in over a year (recently won a doubles tournament), and I am a little rusty. The last two weeks I changed my strategy to infantry-based Space Wolves, and have gotten good results in my practice games. I am hoping to get some in progress shots of my army up as well in the next few days, as I have a week to finish the army to tabletop standard. I have about 35 models to paint.

I tried out Njal for the first time last night. My reason for using what I think could be an overpriced character is points denial and his Storm Caller chart. The chart was a very nice bonus last night vs the Orks. Also the tournament has a kill point scenario where HQ choices are worth 3 kill points. My original list had 2 Rune Priests in it and I replaced them with Njal to knock another 3 kill points from the list. Here is what I playtested last night and I am finalizing for the tournament, keep in mind it is a comp scored tournament:

Wolf Lord, thunderwolf, saga of the wolfkin, storm shield, frost blade

5 Wolf Scouts, power weapon, melta gun
5 Wolf Guard, 5 power fists
Lone Wolf, terminator, chainfist, storm shield, 2 fenrisian wolves

10 Grey Hunters, melta gun, flamer, power weapon, motw, standard
10 Grey Hunters, melta gun, flamer, power weapon, motw, standard
10 Grey Hunters, melta gun, flamer, power weapon, motw, standard
10 Grey Hunters, melta gun, flamer, power weapon, motw, standard

10 Fenrisian Wolves

6 Long Fangs, 5 missile launchers
6 Long Fangs, 5 missile launchers

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tournament Report

The 2010 Fall Classic is over, and my Skaven stand on the top of the pile. I won the Tournament Championship, and received a sweet sword and plaque! But you don't care what I won, so lets get into my army and my games...

My Skaven

Grey Seer, screaming bell, dispel scroll
Plague Priest, lvl 2, plague furnace, foul pendant, ironcurse icon, biting blade
Warlock Engineer, lvl 2, doomrocket, warp energy condenser
Chieftain, bsb, standard of discipline
30 Storm Vermin, command, razor standard, poison wind mortar
40 Clan Rats, command, poison wind mortar
40 Slaves, musician
40 Slaves, musician
40 Plague Monks, full command, banner of eternal flame
5 Gutter Runners, poison, slings
5 Gutter Runners, poison, slings
Plagueclaw Catapult
Warp Lightning Cannon

Game 1 vs Warriors of Chaos, table 11

Chaos Lord, tzeentch, berserker sword, talisman of preservation, potion of speed
Chaos Lord, tzeentch, sword of swift slaying, talisman of endurance
Exalted Hero, bsb, axe of khorne, favour of the gods
Sorcerer, lvl 2 tzeentch, infernal puppet (rolled Gateway and Call to Glory)
16 Chaos Warriors, khorne, halberd, shield, command
17 Chaos Warriors, khorne, halberd, shield, command
18 Chosen, khorne, helberd, shield, command (rolled double 6!)
5 Chaos Hounds
Chaos Chariot
Chaos Warshrine
Chaos Spawn
Chaos Spawn

I decided to sit back right from the start of this game and pepper my opponent with magic and shooting before trying to engage. I definitely had the advantage in that department. The Blood and Glory scenario was modified so that you did not break and end the game, but if you broke you gave up an extra 500 victory points. Plague on the first 2 turns bounced and killed 15 and 8 armored Chaos Warriors. My opponent deployed his Chosen on my flank and I avoided them, and redirected and fled from their charges, so that late in the game I could flank charge them with the full strength Plague Furnace unit. On the opposite flank I used my Gutter Runners to protect my war machines and to set up in front of the Hounds, Spawn, and Chariot on that flank. The chariot broke through and eventually took out the WLC at the very end of the game, but the Gutter Runners took out all the rest.
In the middle of the board, shooting and magic ruled the game. The Plagueclaw didn't do much, but the mortars were on fire, and decimated units so that I finally cast the 13th spell on the 4th turn and took out a full (remainder) unit of Warriors that included the BSB and broke my opponent for the bonus points. It was another unit he had rolled double 6's on a second time, so he had 2 stubborn 4+ ward units... so I was glad to see it transformed into Clan Rats. I scored a perfect 20 points.

Game 2 vs Warriors of Chaos, table 2

I played Brandon AGAIN in a tournament. He and I have played a few times against each other, and I have had his army's number every time. His army:

Tzeentch Lord
Mounted BSB
Level 1 Fire Sorcerer with Third Eye
20 Tzeentch Warriors
20 Nurgle Warriors
10 Slaanesh Marauders
9 Khorne Knights
Tzeentch Warshrine

The game was pretty brutal for Brandon. My dice were on fire and his were crap. Again I scouted my Gutter Runners to protect my war machines on the flank, but I also used them to deny the Marauder's vanguard move by deploying in front of them. The 3 units kept each other busy all game. Otherwise, the Dawn Attack mission deployed the majority of my army in the center, and the majority of his army other than his Hellcannon to my right.

Because his army was far away, I sent my Slaves forward to intercept them, and starting shooting! First turn, first shot, dead Hellcannon as it takes 6 wounds from the WLC. After my Slaves took the charge from the Knights and Nurgle Warriors, they held steadfast long enough for my Plague Furnace to flank into the Knights, and continue to mow through the Warriors of Chaos.

Game 3 vs Wood Elves, table 2

Table 1 was also two players with undefeated records, so I was on table two vs Kevin who had also played 2 perfect games with his Wood Elves vs Empire and Orcs. His list was thus:

Spellweaver, lvl 4 life, dispel scroll, ruby ring
Highborn, alter kindred, rageth's wildfire blades, glittering scales, potion of strength
Branchwraith, an annoyance of netlings, a cluster of radiants
Noble, bsb, asyendi's bane, hail of doom arrow
Noble, wardancer kindred, amber pendant, other trickster's shard
15 Dryads, branch nymph
15 Dryads, branch nymph
10 Glade Guard, banner of eternal flame
10 Glade Guard
5 Glade Riders
4 Tree Kin
10 Wardancers, bladesinger
10 Wardancers, bladesinger
Great Eagle

The final mission was Battleline, but had a special rule that any instant kill spell allowed the magic resistance ward save to be taken if one was available... but if an entire unit was detroyed (gateway, 13th) then no save could be taken.

I set up right away in front of his Great Eagle with my scouting Gutter Runners. Great Eagles are always high target priority for me. Otherwise I stayed mainly in the center with my Bell and Slaves, and waited to set up my Furnace opposite of the Treekin.

First turn, I was able to plink down the Eagle with the two units of Gutter Runners. Also first turn, Plague bounces FOUR TIMES through five units of the Wood Elves. HOT dice. I strafed back on further turns and peppered the Wood Elves with Gutter Runners and war machines, waiting until the last second to engage. Later my Bell unit got hit by Dwellers, but the Grey Seer passed and the scenario rule saved about 8 of 18 possible casualties. I did lose my BSB to the accursed spell. But that also meant the same caster would be in range of the Dreaded 13th Spell the next turn, and I rolled Irresistible Force on 6 dice to cast and morph the Spellweaver into a Clan Rat along with her remaining 7 Glade Guard.

The perfect games along with decent comp (9/15), good painting (10/15), and I assume good sports scores combined with my 60/60 battle points for the Tournament Championship win. Thanks to Jason and Brian for a great tournament!

Fall Classic army pictures.

I didn't get pictures of everyone (and some weren't painted), but I tried to get as much as I could. Here are a lot of the armies from yesterday's Fall Classic.

My Skaven!

My favorite army - Dark Elves

Best Army Winner - Beastmen

Second favorite, but definitely best character models - Wood Elves

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Classic Results

I had 3 perfect games at today's Fall Classic. Combined with my decent comp score (9/15), my good painting score (10/15), and what I assume was good sports scores, I won first overall. Thanks for Jason and Brian for running the tournament. I will have a full report up soon with pictures and game results. Game 1 was vs Warriors of Chaos, game 2 also Warriors of Chaos, and game three was against Wood Elves who had also had 2 perfect games going into the final table. I had a perfect 60/60 battle points.

I am now 10-1-0 vs Warriors in 8th edition, and will be happy to play them in any and every tournament! J/K Warriors players (not really).The only game I've lost was against a Kholek full monster list, lol.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Procrastination FTW

So I am chugging Monster Energy drinks, listening to Heelanhammer, and painting 50 models the night before the tournament. I just finished up the base coat on the bases of the Clan Rats after washing them, and I am about to wash the Plague Monks. I've only come close to drinking my rinse cup rather than my energy drink once, but I'm sure I'll nail it before the marathon is over. If you're interested (and who wouldn't be!?) in my progress, check out my Twitter periodically. I know, I know, but don't rush too fast to sit and wait for me to update.

And yes, those are (25) fully painted Clan Rats armed with spears in the background that I have no use for!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Revisiting Fenris...

It's been a while since I've written any lists and done some modeling for my Space Wolves. I'm diving back in head first with new projects, right after this weekend's Warhammer Fantasy Fall Classic. I picked up 3 Land Speeders, and a Space Marine Battle Force for more Wolf Scouts and to assemble the missile launchers I am missing, along with some new Wolf Guard. I also picked up 3 Space Wolf Accessory Sprues when ordering most of this from GW Online with my winnings from the 'Ard Boyz finals that finally came through ($100 for 3rd place).

So lets have a look. The idea of the list is a foot slogging army! Each large squad will have their own Wolf Guard and Rune Priest attached. The plan is to use the one Rune Priest with Storm Caller to cover the troop advance. The support comes in the form of 3 squads of 5 missile launcher Long Fangs, and the Typhoons and Wolf Scouts who will normally be held in reserve. Have a look:

110 Rune Priest, chooser, living lightning, murderous hurricane
105 Rune Priest, melta bombs, murderous hurricane, tempest's wrath
100 Rune Priest, living lightning, storm caller

100 5 Wolf Scouts, mark of the wulfen, meltagun
100 5 Wolf Scouts, mark of the wulfen, meltagun
225 5 Wolf Guard, (4 in power armor) 4 power fists, 2 combi meltas, (1 terminator) 1 cyclone

190 10 Grey Hunters, flamer, melta gun, power weapon, mark of the wulfen, wolf standard
190 10 Grey Hunters, flamer, melta gun, power weapon, mark of the wulfen, wolf standard
190 10 Grey Hunters, flamer, melta gun, power weapon, mark of the wulfen, wolf standard

090 Land Speeder, typhoon missile launcher
090 Land Speeder, typhoon missile launcher
090 Land Speeder, typhoon missile launcher

140 6 Long Fangs, 5 missile launchers
140 6 Long Fangs, 5 missile launchers
140 6 Long Fangs, 5 missile launchers


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Painting Day

I'm done with my internship with school, and still have to write a paper about it. But, for today, I am dedicating myself to painting (and maybe an hour at the gym.

So far I have already finished my Doomrocket Warlock Engineer, and base coated my Plagueclaw Catapult. I finished up the bases on 40 Slaves earlier this week and completed 10 Gutter Runners. Pics of everything posted later tonight.

One week until the Fall Classic! My tournament list has been entered and now for the final week of scrambling to paint the last models (and some extra models for the 13th Spell).