Sunday, August 23, 2009

Work in progress: a few tanks

A few more coats before they are finished with their base blue, but I ran out of paint this morning.

So here is where they are now. A few tanks I started working on this morning, along with the Ironclad.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Battle Report: Planetstrike

Jeff and I got together to play a game of Planetstrike earlier today, my first time playing the expansion. It was a brutal introduction to some Forgeworld stuff I hadn't seen or played with before! We played our 2500 point lists.

Librarian (smite, null zone)
10 man Terminator Assault Squad (Land Raider Crusader)
10 man Tactical Squad
10 man Tactical Squad
10 man Tactical Squad
5 man Devastator Squad
Dreadnought (drop pod)
10 man Assault Squad
Land Raider

Terminator Lord
5 man Chaos Terminators
4 man Chaos Terminators
10 khorne Berzerkers (dreadclaw)
10 khorne Berzerkers (dreadclaw)
10 khorne Berzerkers (dreadclaw)
10 khorne Berzerkers (dreadclaw)
Dreadnought (dreadclaw)
Hell Talon

I set up a 2 Bastion defense line. I was planning on 3, but it fit better with the terrain used to place 2. I picked Las-maze and Escape Hatch, and Jeff picked Scorched Skies. You'll notice in my deployment I originally had the LC Terminators with Calgar, but I didn't know you could not Combat Squad one half unit in reserve and the other half unit on the table. They were replaced in reserve.

Jeff rolled 9 for his Firestorm roll modified by Scorched Skies (2d6+2). Destroyed one Bastion and took out half the Devastators on top of it, but otherwise did minimal damage to my other troops on the board.


All of Jeff's force entered play, except for his 2 Chaos Dreadnoughts. His Dreadclaws flew onto the board, and his Terminators deep strike. The one unit drops inside my defenses and assaults a Tactical Squad. They were beaten but thanks to Calgar's God of War power, I was able to choose to pass the morale check.

In my first turn, I was able to drop my Dreadnought into play, along with my Land Raider Crusader and Vindicator. My Assault Squad came from the board edge opposite of Jeff's drop zone.


It's all a blur of red blood on blue armor once we get to turn two and beyond! The Dreadclaws land and Khorne Berzerkers spill out and assault my Tactical Squads. My Assault Squad is about wiped off the table in 1 assault phase, then run off the board the next turn. My north most Tactical Squad is wiped out without even a chance!

After the Dreadnought does damage to the Chaos Terminators, it is destroyed by a Chaos Terminator and Khorne Berzerker combined assault.

Calgar counter attacks out of the bastion through the escape hatch! Along with the Librarian, they fight the Berzerks in front to a draw, and both survive combat.

The End!

I forgot to mention... my now 10 man Terminator Assault Squad scattered onto a crater, and the mishap table destroyed the entire unit! Bummer...

The Berzerkers who wiped the Tactical Squad join the combat vs Calgar and the Librarian, proving to much for the Chapter Master.

The Hell Talon soars over the battlefield peppering units and destroying the Vindicator's cannon. The Land Raider tried to maneuver to destroy the Dreadclaw that was contesting the destroyed bastion, with no luck. It barely avoided a charging Chaos Dreadnought with a multi melta and chainfist. The LRC was able to damage the remaining terminators with the Chaos Lord one tun, and some of the Berzerkers the next, but was not in any way game changing.

After the south west Tactical was finally cleared out, the Chaos Terminators there moved through the remaining Devastators and then later assaulting the bastion. After demolishing the bastion with a chain fist, the terminators moved onto it to claim their objective. Thanks to the Terminator Lord and Berzerkers coming from the other direction, there weren't any Ultramarines within the fortress walls!

With only tanks remaining on the board, and unable to get within the fortress walls, I conceded to the mighty forces of Chaos.

Next time I will be sure to deploy my combat squadding Terminators correctly. Better yet, I probably won't take 10. Maybe one small squad to counter attack would be best.

The Land Raiders were mostly ineffective. I will probably scratch one next game. The Assault Squad was wiped through no fault of my own... the Berzerkers being able to assault the first turn in play (after being in the Dreadclaws for one turn) were just brutal!

Overall, I still had a good time. Planetstrike is very cool, and you are in the thick of the action right off the bat.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some more progress.

More of my new models primed and base coated. Hoping to get all of the army at least base coated so I am playing a blue space marine army rather than a black primed one.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stating a transport's contents.

I've been reading on forums lately that some players do not tell their opponent what units are in each transport. They "surprise" them:

I always write down which units are in which transport - but won't tell my opponent. If they ask I just tell them to wait and see

Well maybe some people are reading this the wrong way. In my group yes, we tell you something is in a transport... just not which transport. AKA my plays SW with 2 squads of greyhunters in rhinos and 1 squad of bloodclaws in a rhino, he says "all of 3 squads are each in a rhino." but doesn't tell me squad #1 is in rhino A, etc etc...

Write down wich squad is in what transport before the game but dont tell the oponent. That way there is no cheating and some realism is preserved.

Just to clarify, it is on page 92, where deployment of forces is discussed:
"A note on secrecy
To keep things fair, you should always allow your opponent to read your force roster after the game. In the same spirit, always make clear to your opponent which squads are embarked in which transport vehicle."

To try and trick an opponent, and refuse to state what units are in what transport, is cheating.

Working tournament list

I'm playing in the Ordo Fraternitas Chapter Tournament in September, and I have started play testing a 1250 point list for it. There are specific restrictions to the list and force organization: 1 HQ (Compulsory), 2 Elite, 5 Troop (2 Compulsory), 2 Fast Attack, 2 Heavy Support. You may not duplicate any Elite, Fast Attack, or Heavy Support choice.

Here is the list as played last night. I played Chaos Marines last night. My Assault Squad was blasted first turn by a Defiler then Lashed into difficult terrain. They were wiped out by demons later, but my Captain survived on his own against the remnants of 2 demon squad until the end of the game (2 full turns solo). My Land Speeder had a Deep Strike scatter into difficult terrain and mishapped to be destroyed (behind the Defiler). My other units took heavy damage, and I was lucky to pull a draw, with the end coming after turn 5.

I've played other versions of this list in preparation that included a Dreadnought instead of a Land Speeder, and the Razorback was equipped with a Heavy Bolter instead of an Assault Cannon. The AC was a nice addition in last night's game. It is meant to be a good "All-Comers" list to deal with everything possible in a tournament. So far in play testing (with minor alterations) it is 1-1-2.


Captain: relic blade, jump pack, storm shield, melta bombs
Tactical Squad: 10 marines, rhino, missile launcher, flamer
Tactical Squad: 10 marines, rhino, multi melta, flamer
Tactical Squad: 5 marines, razorback with twin-linked assault cannon
Assault Squad: 10 marines, sergeant with power fist, 2x plasma pistols
Land Speeder: multi melta

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I've discovered the joys of magnetizing as part of modeling my army. Interchangeable wargear options are a godsend. So far I've magnetized a new Captain, and some of the models I just picked up for our upcoming Planetstrike Campaign: an Ironclad Dreadnought and a Land Speeder. I'm going to need to grab some more soon.

The magnets used are 1/8"x1/16" magnets purchased off EBay specifically marketed towards Warhammer players by the sellers. Unsure of the retail brand name.

The 4th Company!

I am starting this blog as a way to hopefully share my enjoyment of the Warhammer 40K hobby with those who care to read my posts. It is also going to be a way to track my army painting progress as well as publish battle reports.

My army is Space Marines, specifically Ultramarines of the 4th Battle Company. Painted as traditional Ultramarines, the 4th Company has green trim on their shoulders. Lets start the blog off with some of my first completed units, the Captain and Command Squad, Tactical Marines, and a unit of Terminators: