Monday, January 31, 2011

GLWL 1 + 2

I was able to get in two games this weekend for the GLWL, completing my first and second periods. Game 1 was against Darrell's Warriors of Chaos, and Game 2 against Jason's Skaven horde.

Game 1, Watchtower.

The Warriors of Chaos controlled the Watchtower but chose not to deploy inside of it, leaving it open for a massive Skaven Slave unit to occupy it on the second turn movement. There they stayed while Marauders of Nurgle smashed into the tower turn after turn, unable to move the steadfast, yet expandable Slaves.

All around them Skaven firepower and magic crackled. Warp Lightning Cannons vaporized Chaos Chosen of Khorne, and Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch were twisted and warped into Skaven Clan Rats all around their vile General. The Hell Pit Abomination smashed through the Warshrine of Tzeentch as on the last turn a squad of Gutter Runners and unit of Clan Rats charge into the Marauders just in time to hold them away from the tower, and for the game to end.

Skaven Win, 1561 - 293

Game 2, Battleline.

Two rival Warlords meeting on a pitched field, with no Grey Seers to be found. My Clan was superior through firepower, as on the first turn my Warp Lightning Cannons torched nearly the entire right flank squad of Rat Ogres with a single shot. My Abomination's hunger was too much for its own good, as it's charge destroyed many enemy Plague Monks, but the counter charge felled it. My Plague furnace charge into enemy lines and the Priest unleashed a devastating cast of Cloud of Corruption. The Furnace smashed through the second squad of Rat Ogres and into the enemy lines, as my Cannons continued to rain warp lightning on the enemy rats. A late surge by the Giant Rat horde caused my lines trouble, but there was too much damage done, as the enemy Skaven General alone tried to destroy the last cannon remaining near him for vengeance... as he fled from the masses of my Plague Monks.

Skaven Win, 1924 - 892

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Incoming Dwarfs!

I made a trade this weekend, getting rid of my Blood Angels for a full 3000 points of Dwarfs! I then picked up 2 boxes of Dwarf Warriors and I am very close to having the army I want. I need to get a bunch of Hammerers and I think I will be set. Have a look at what I picked up:

Lord w/Greatweapon 
Lord w/HW & shield
 Master Engineer w/greatweapon
20 Warriors w/HW - 185 
15 Rangers w/full command - 190 
17 Thunderers w/full command - 263 
20 Quarrellers 
11 Warriors w/HW & Shield - 124 
10 Thunderers w/full command 
15 Miners w/full command
15 Ironbreakers w/full command
16 Slayers w/SB & Mu
3 Cannon
2 Bolt Throwers
Organ Gun
Total points: 3209

And here is the list I have been kicking around today:

Rune Lord; talisman: spite, spellbreaker x2; armor: resistance, stone
Thane; BSB; armor: gromril, resistance
30 Warriors, command, great weapons
30 Long Beards, command, shields
30 Rangers, command, quarrellers, great weapons
30 Hammerers, command
20 Miners, command
Cannon, forging, burning
Grudge Thrower, accuracy, penetrating
Bolt Thrower, engineer
Organ Gun

It is very boots-on-the-ground and combat oriented. After reading battle reports and some Dwarf forum strategizing, I am liking this idea. We'll have to wait and see until after the GLWL!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

GLWL Fixed List

Part of the rules system for the Great Lakes Warhammer League is that you must turn in a "Fixed List". You must provide a subset of your army list to the League Office prior to the first gaming round that consists of at least 1,500 points. The point difference between the size of your fixed portion and 2,500 points are your variable points (e.g. the maximum amount of variable points you will have available is 1000). You cannot modify this fixed portion by adding or subtracting models in units, wargear or magic items on characters, etc. Your wizards listed must also list their Lore, and may not change them through the season.

This means that you build your army's core, and can change the rest to tailor based on your opponent's Fixed List and what you think they may bring with the rest of their list. The Fixed Lists are available for ALL league participants to view.

Lets have a look at my Fixed List for this year's GLWL:

1 Warlord @ 228.0 Pts, General; Heavy Armour; Shield; Warlitter, Blade of Corruption, Talisman of Preservation, Potion of Strength

1 Warlock Engineer @ 150.0 Pts, Magic Level 2, Doom Rocket, Warp-Energy Condenser

1 Chieftain @ 122.0 Pts, Shield; Battle Standard, Armour of Destiny

30 Stormvermin @ 245.0 Pts, Halberd; Heavy Armour; Fangleader; Standard; Musician, Banner of the Eternal Flame

30 Clanrats @ 220.0 Pts, Light Armour; Clawleader; Shields; Standard; Musician, Poisoned Wind Mortar

30 Clanrats @ 220.0 Pts, Light Armour; Clawleader; Shields; Standard; Musician, Poisoned Wind Mortar

40 Skavenslaves @ 82.0 Pts, Slave Musician

40 Skavenslaves @ 82.0 Pts, Slave Musician

5 Gutter Runners @ 90.0 Pts, 2ndWeapon; Poisoned Attacks; Sling; Throwing Stars

5 Gutter Runners @ 90.0 Pts, 2ndWeapon; Poisoned Attacks; Sling; Throwing Stars

1 Warp Lightning Cannon @ 90.0 Pts


My fixed list is 1619 rather than closer to 1500, because my math was wrong on my initial list turned in. So my list remains the same, but the points were corrected.

I went with the Warlord General. I figured it would be best to leave it as an OPTION for each opponent whether I wanted the Grey Seer in there. I know they will be assuming it will be there, so I have that advantage because I already know 1 opponent this season where I will be leaving him in my case in favor of other options. The Warlord is more durable with the two Lizardmen players in my division with Cupped Hands as well.

What I have been doing lately for all my tournaments is just massive amounts of Core. I am keeping up the trend and choosing what I support it with carefully. This time I get to choose based on each individual game. Lots of people shy away from the Storm Vermin, but they are one of my favorites. Halberds and initiative 5 really give them the punch I don't have in any other Skaven unit I use, other than just the mass of attacks that Plague Monks offer.... but Plague Monks aren't Core.

My support portion of my fixed list is 2 units of Gutter Runners, and a Warp Lightning Cannon. These are cheaper and always included in my army. It also makes opponents think twice when they KNOW they will be facing the poison slinging, infiltrating Gutter Runners. If I had done my math correctly I would have dropped the Warp Lightning Cannon from my fixed list, but as it stands it would have been in every list.

Games 1 and 2 are coming up this Saturday. I will be painting all tonight and hopefully not too much tomorrow to finish my Warp Lightning Cannon in time to get my fully painted army (which is worth 100 bonus Victory Points).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 GLWL kickoff

The 2011 GLWL has officially started, and I am already behind because of my tournament. I am hoping to get in 2 games this weekend. This year, I am in the Wayne division that has shrunk to 6 players from last year. I get to play 5 all new players I didn't face last year. I know most from either previous tournaments or meeting them at COLD WAR this year, so I am looking forward for the match ups. Here is what I have lined up this season:

Period 1: Warriors of Chaos. Darrell's fixed list has a fighty Lord, 20 Chosen, and 2 Chaos Warshrines.

Week 2: Skaven. I must prove my ratty dominance. Jason uses Warpfire Throwers to my usual Poison Wind Mortars. He has no Slaves listed in his fixed list, and Plaguemonks with no Furnace listed. It is a small unit so I am unsure if I will be seeing one. Warlord on foot leading the charge.

Week 3: Lizardmen. Lore of Light Slaan. I know Mike brings a tough list every game. He was Best General when I won the Fall Classic at Pandemonium, and we are meeting up at Adepticon this year. Rivalry match! BTW I hate Lizardmen.

Week 4: Vampire Counts. Ghoul swarm army. I saw Jason's list at COLD WAR. For his sake he needs to add banners to his list somehow, or hope we don't roll Blood and Glory.

Week 5: Lizardmen. Like I have said, Lizardmen are my toughest army to face, and I will see them twice this year. Interesting that Steve's Slaan is using Lore of Heavens. Small units here, with 3x 20 Saurus and 3x 10 Skink skirmishers. Just what the 13th Spell ordered.

I will keep up with the games and post results. Next up I will be posting some modeling projects. I just bought 2 new Warp Lightning Cannons that I need to get painted before my first game sometime this week!!!

COLD WAR results

Thanks to everyone who came out! We had 18 players who all stayed for every game. I was also able to give out 4 door prizes, so there was lots of prize support to go around. Overall I was impressed by all of the winners. Very nice armies and well fought games.

Tournament Champion - Eric Stephens, Dark Elves

Best General - Kyle Western, High Elves

Best Sportsman - Brian Focarelli, High Elves

Best Army - Jason Nobel, Daemons of Chaos