Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 GLWL kickoff

The 2011 GLWL has officially started, and I am already behind because of my tournament. I am hoping to get in 2 games this weekend. This year, I am in the Wayne division that has shrunk to 6 players from last year. I get to play 5 all new players I didn't face last year. I know most from either previous tournaments or meeting them at COLD WAR this year, so I am looking forward for the match ups. Here is what I have lined up this season:

Period 1: Warriors of Chaos. Darrell's fixed list has a fighty Lord, 20 Chosen, and 2 Chaos Warshrines.

Week 2: Skaven. I must prove my ratty dominance. Jason uses Warpfire Throwers to my usual Poison Wind Mortars. He has no Slaves listed in his fixed list, and Plaguemonks with no Furnace listed. It is a small unit so I am unsure if I will be seeing one. Warlord on foot leading the charge.

Week 3: Lizardmen. Lore of Light Slaan. I know Mike brings a tough list every game. He was Best General when I won the Fall Classic at Pandemonium, and we are meeting up at Adepticon this year. Rivalry match! BTW I hate Lizardmen.

Week 4: Vampire Counts. Ghoul swarm army. I saw Jason's list at COLD WAR. For his sake he needs to add banners to his list somehow, or hope we don't roll Blood and Glory.

Week 5: Lizardmen. Like I have said, Lizardmen are my toughest army to face, and I will see them twice this year. Interesting that Steve's Slaan is using Lore of Heavens. Small units here, with 3x 20 Saurus and 3x 10 Skink skirmishers. Just what the 13th Spell ordered.

I will keep up with the games and post results. Next up I will be posting some modeling projects. I just bought 2 new Warp Lightning Cannons that I need to get painted before my first game sometime this week!!!

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