Sunday, January 30, 2011

Incoming Dwarfs!

I made a trade this weekend, getting rid of my Blood Angels for a full 3000 points of Dwarfs! I then picked up 2 boxes of Dwarf Warriors and I am very close to having the army I want. I need to get a bunch of Hammerers and I think I will be set. Have a look at what I picked up:

Lord w/Greatweapon 
Lord w/HW & shield
 Master Engineer w/greatweapon
20 Warriors w/HW - 185 
15 Rangers w/full command - 190 
17 Thunderers w/full command - 263 
20 Quarrellers 
11 Warriors w/HW & Shield - 124 
10 Thunderers w/full command 
15 Miners w/full command
15 Ironbreakers w/full command
16 Slayers w/SB & Mu
3 Cannon
2 Bolt Throwers
Organ Gun
Total points: 3209

And here is the list I have been kicking around today:

Rune Lord; talisman: spite, spellbreaker x2; armor: resistance, stone
Thane; BSB; armor: gromril, resistance
30 Warriors, command, great weapons
30 Long Beards, command, shields
30 Rangers, command, quarrellers, great weapons
30 Hammerers, command
20 Miners, command
Cannon, forging, burning
Grudge Thrower, accuracy, penetrating
Bolt Thrower, engineer
Organ Gun

It is very boots-on-the-ground and combat oriented. After reading battle reports and some Dwarf forum strategizing, I am liking this idea. We'll have to wait and see until after the GLWL!


  1. The list is quite good, I like most of it. However, I disagree with the runelord. I believe to make him worth the option he needs the Anvil. In addition to this, you are better off taking the MRoBalance rather than MRoSpite. He is not a combat character so you can keep him out of the action and the steal one power dice is very nice.

    I also think you could do with a second runesmith. At 3000pts there is going to be a lot of magic thrown at you, +2 dispel dice and the natural +2 to dispel will only go so far. I would consider getting a runesmith in there. This is what I would suggest for the runelord/smith.

    Runelord - Anvil, MRoBalance, RoStone
    Runesmith - RoSpellbreaking x2, RoStone

    In general rangers are not that effective. They can be put out of threat range quite quickly. I would suggest you consider spending those points on thunderers and quarrellers as separate units.

    The rest I think is generally pretty good.