Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July's painting resolution

I finished June early, and painted a lot of Skaven to finish the month. Right now I have my Verminlord in his beginning stages, as well as a squad of Grey Hunters. But for July, I'm starting a brand new squad of Grey Hunters (because I have to start a unit unpainted for the Painting Resolution). So that means I will hopefully have 2 more fully painted Grey Hunter squads at the end of the month. Which is good, because I have been playing 3, 4, and even 5 full squads of Grey Hunters lately!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Skaven Warlord

I finished my Warlord, after posting his war-litter mount last post. I believe I will keep him based and have the war-litter as an option. I don't think he stands too high while riding it.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I promised work on my Verminlord. But as he is soaking in Simple Green, I decided to FINALLY put some paint to my Warlord and his war-litter. Today while priming him, I changed my mind on having a "permanent" conversion using Queek, Storm Vermin, and and Orc chariot from back in November of last year. Instead I'm going to use my modified Queek as a Warlord on foot, who also will fit into the war-litter if I choose the upgrade. I'm not 100% sure on this, but for now we'll roll with it. So here is the painted war-litter, waiting on it's basing, as well as my unpainted Warlord. More updates soon.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Poisoned Wind Mortar

I had these guys converted for a while now, but never painted them. The front model is an old metal Plague Monk, the loader is a Poison Wind Globadier, and the mortar itself is a plastic Imperial Guard mortar.

I'm getting back into the Skaven painting mood after a long burnt-out break. Next up, I'm hoping to strip an old Verminlord to paint this weekend.

Galus Crusade End Turn 1

Turn 1 has ended, and the forces of Chaos are on the move. In my last game, the Space Wolves faced off against the tide of Waaaaagh Gargunki in defense of the bridges of the Balan Trench. I failed to hold the Orks off, as did many of the Imperial forces. In our counter, the Imperials moved to improve our position, and now we wait for more Chaos moves.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My first 8th Edition game

I was at my FLGS today to get in a Galus Crusade game for 40k, and also got a chance to take a good look at the new Warhammer 8th Edition rule book. After my 40k game I was able to sit down with the book and play a 750 point game to get a feel for the new rules. I didn't get to try out any new magic, because neither I nor my opponent put a mage or wizard in our lists. I played again Dave (bugspray)'s new Dark Elf army. He had a unit of corsairs, a unit of repeating crossbowmen, and 2 units of dark riders. He also had a Dark Elf hero (with some armor that game him 1+ and a great weapon. My army was a Warlord on War-Litter with an enchanted shield, Chieftain with BSB, 2 units of 25 Clan Rats, 1 Plague Mortar, 2 units of 20 Slaves, and a Warp Lightning Cannon.

We started by rolling our scenario then setting up terrain. We decided to play on a 4x5 board for our low point total. Our scenario was Battle For The Pass. It's interesting because you play with the short edges as your board edges, and the battle is long-wise on the board. Your deployment zone is your entire table half, but at least 12" from center. You are fighting in a mountain pass, so the long board edges are all impassable terrain. Otherwise the victory condition are Victory Points.

*There are no table quarters for VP's anymore. There is one interesting addition, if a unit champion slays an enemy character, you gain an additional 50 VP's.

This is what our setup looked like. Bugspray decided he wanted to hide his corsairs... both from shooting, and from getting drawn out with Frenzy.

*You can now take a leadership test to stop your frenzied units from charging the units in their charge range.

As you can tell, the board is fairly dense compared to most 7th Edition terrain setups. The recommended terrain is d6+4 pieces. We rolled randomly on the chart given.

*Terrain does not slow movement. Cavalry, chariots, and (something else) that flee through terrain take dangerous terrain tests. Similar to 40k, each model rolls a d6 and takes a wound on a roll of 1. Unit models that flee through other models or impassable terrain also take DT rolls.

Before the game begins, Bugspray takes his Vanguard moves. Fast cavalry get this as a free move pre-game, similar to the Scout rule in 40k. If they take the move, they cannot charge first turn. We then roll off and he gets first turn.|

Turn 1 he marches his fast cavalry, then shoots with them (I think this is new) killing 2 slaves. I declare a charge vs the closest dark riders, they choose to flee into terrain, but don't lose any models to DT rolls.

Turn 2 he rallies from his feigned flight, and destroys my weapon team. On the other side of the board his other dark riders flee from a charge, and pass through a building while fleeing, taking 1 casualty to a difficult terrain test. My cannon misfires again on the second roll, meaning it fizzles but doesn't misfire.

Turn 3 the dark riders harass my slaves some more as I march forward. This time my cannon kills 2 crossbowmen.

In turn 4 the crossbowmen stand and shoot vs charging slaves, then get charges in the flank by Clan Rats. They lose combat and flee, and the Clan Rats take a Leadership test to not give chase, and reform after combat facing the corsairs. During this turns movement phase I left my Clan Rat unit with my Warlord sitting out in the open, hoping the corsairs would charge them.

In the Dark Elf turn 5, he does charge them. His Hero challenges my Warlord, with no result on either side. I lose the combat, but Leadership 10 because of Skaven rank bonus to LD, and I pass.

In my turn 5, my ruse has worked, and I charge the flank of the corsairs. On the other side of the board my cannon kills 2 dark riders. The double Clan Rat assault is too much, and even though the Warlord and Hero do nothing to each other, the tide of rats pulls down too many Dark Elves, and they flee and are destroyed. After this combat, we called it. I had only lost a weapon team, and bugspray only had 3 dark riders remaining.

The game was a lot of fun for a small game, to learn the rules a little better. Nest time I will definitely throw some magic in there. Here are some more notes:

*Always strike at initiative order in close combat. Charging gives +1 CR, and there is no longer an outnumbering bonus.

*Ranks in combat are counted AFTER combat. Not before. Casualties are taken from the back, and do not stop you from attacking (if you take 5 casualties, it does not stop your front row from attacking back).

*The second rank gets to attack once in combat. If you are stationary with spears, you get three ranks. If you are horde, are stationary, and have spears, I believe you will fight (or get assisting attacks from) 4 ranks!

*Shooting is in 2 ranks. Bows have a volley rule to fire in more than 2 ranks. Stand and shoot minimum range is the movement value of your opponent.

*Pre-measuring is allowed! But, charges are now movement + 2d6", meaning you my fail a charge you would have made for sure in previous editions. If you fail a charge, you only move the distance rolled on the 2d6. Cavalry add 3d6" to their movement.

I can't think of anything else right now. It was a lot of fun though. I didn't get a chance to look too much at the other scenarios. I am looking forward to playing them.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Galus Crusade turn 1, phase 2

The Chaos forces waste no time in pushing the imperial defenders onto their back foot. Swift attacks against the Outer Defense Line leave gaping holes that are ripe for exploiting. Yet there are other musings about...perhaps this is just a feint from the real attack...perhaps the imperial forces are being drawn away from the true threat to the security of the Ballast and the safety of the Warmaster...

Time shall tell.

Unfortunately, Chaos was allowed too many victories in phase 1 of period 1, and took the victory. We'll have to fight back this week in phase 2 of turn 1, before striking back next week!

Also, since the week has passed, here was the first Imperial mission:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Skaven and the Horde unit rule

8th Edition Warhammer has a new rule called "Horde Units". The regular rules state that units attack with both the front rank and the 2 rank as well. Units in the second rank get only one attack instead of their listed attacks. Horde units are units that are ten models wide. Horde units allow a unit to attack three ranks deep instead of just two. What I don't know yet for sure, but seems to be the case from demo game, is that spears stack another rank of extra attacks. This means I will have to field at least 40 Clan Rats with spears for the max return on this strategy.

What I think is necessary for these Horde units, as Skaven, is to make them unbreakable. Who wants their 40 Clan Rats failing a Fear or Terror check and running away? The best way to do this is to add a Screaming Bell to the unit. It adds a Grey Seer with 360 degree line of sight for spells, makes the unit unbreakable, and also gives your unit more ranks (keeping your 10 wide 4 ranks) by taking up the space of 15 Clan Rats. BUT, it also means a lot more Clan Rats are touching your Grey Seer's base if he just happens to explode during a miscast!

You obviously shouldn't be fielding your entire army as Horde units. Right now I think there are 2 good options. Clan Rats with a Screaming Bell, and of course at least 30-40 Plague Monks with a Plague Furnace and Plague Priest. These two units with be the core of the army. Both unbreakable, and both carrying a character on a large mount. The smaller support units of 20-25 Clan Rats and Storm Vermin are what you will need to have more weapons teams. I would definitely take a couple smaller units to get my Plague Wind Mortars on the table, as there is no more guessing ranges for war machines.

As we have the 8th Edition Rulebook in the hands of players now, there will be more reviews and strategy discussion on the different blogs. So far I can only interpret other blogger's reviews and come up with my own feelings. Maybe I'll call my local GW Hobby Center and get a demo in today!

Also, the new boxed set is being released in September, and is called Island of Blood. It will contain Skaven and High Elves, and will apparently have a plastic Skaven weapon team.

Enter, if you dare, the Warhammer world; it is a strange and dangerous realm, riven with battle, bloodshed and slaughter, twisted beyond sanity by the warping power of Chaos.

The Island of Blood is the new boxed game for Warhammer and is released this September. Packed full of stunning plastic Citadel miniatures and containing all the rules, dice and templates you'll need to play, it's the essential purchase for fans of the Warhammer hobby. Meanwhile, if you like the Battle for Skull Pass boxed game (and who wouldn't with all those Goblins and Dwarfs Dwarfs) then it only seems fair to point out that once the last few remaining copies are they're gone, and they're never coming back! Pick one up while they last.

In August we'll be featuring more information about The Island of Blood here on the website and the full details will be released in September's White Dwarf, so keep your eyes peeled.

Monday, June 14, 2010

8th Edition, 'Ard Boyz, and my Skaven!

Just in case you have been living under a rock, 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy is being released July 10th! I'm really looking forward to the new changes, and I'm scouring the different blogs, forums, and podcasts daily for new information on rules changes and rumors. I can't wait to hit up my local GW Hobby Center for an 8th Edition Demo Game.

Just a month after the new edition is released, we have the 2010 'Ard Boyz tournament. Along with my Skaven musings, I have been tinkering with lists that are made with the rumored 8th Edition army composition rules, which are supposedly again a percentage system!

25% max lords (includes mounts)
25% max heroes
25% MIN core
50% max special
25% max rare

I'm unsure about the list so far, but I think I will be play testing before and after 8th edition is released. So far I'm not sure how the HPA will perform next Edition, with a possible abundance of flaming attacks and strength potions, and the flaming attacks removing regeneration for an entire turn. Also, with the removal of guessing for cannons (I thought I read this somewhere... still rumored), I may include my Warp Lightning Cannon and some of my Poison Wind Mortars instead of one of the HPA's. Here is the list:

Lords (725)
Vermin Lord
Warlord, war-litter, skalm, w-e-w, rival hide

Heroes (361)
Plague Priest, lvl 2, plague furnace, flail
Chieftain, BSB, shield

Core (788)
25 Storm Vermin, fc, Storm Banner
25 Clan Rats, fc, shields, spears
25 Clan Rats, fc, shields, spears
20 Slaves, musician
20 Slaves, musician
20 Slaves, musician
20 Slaves, musician
5 Giant Rats, 1 Pack Master
5 Giant Rats, 1 Pack Master
5 Giant Rats, 1 Pack Master
5 Giant Rats, 1 Pack Master

Special (470)
25 Plague Monks, fc, Plague Banner
5 Plague Censer Bearers
5 Plague Censer Bearers
5 Plague Censer Bearers

Rare (650)
Hell Pit Abomination, warp spikes
Hell Pit Abomination, warp spikes

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Using resin bases for your army!

I decided before starting my Space Wolf army that I wanted my entire army to be on resin bases to make it look like they were fighting on plains of ice and snow on Fenris or another icy planet. To me, resin bases are a perfect way to add that special touch to your army to really make it stand out. I went with Dragonforge Design resin bases from the Broken Wasteland series. The Broken Wasteland series is advertised with a post-apocalyptic wasteland paint scheme, but I wanted to use the bases for my Space Wolves! So here is what I did.

First I cleaned up the resin base with soap and water, like you should whenever you get a resin model.

Then I primed my base white. After priming them white, I washed the whole surface with Asurmen Blue GW Wash.
After the wash dried, I dry brushed the base surface lightly with white.

I then finished up the base with 2 more light coats of white. Touched up any details on the base (this base had a ribcage and a skull). Then edged the base black.

Then Finish up by gluing down my freshly painted Wolf Lord riding a Thunderwolf.

He looks much better with the scenic base, and as a group it really adds the extra detail to make the army look special. So far this is most of what I have painted and based in my Space Wolf army.

Check out some of the resin base sites out there. It isn't too expensive, but the cost really will enhance your armies look and feel.

The Defense of the Western Outer Defense Line

Galus Crusade Battle Report 1!

Early before dawn, the Command Bunker picked up a faint transmission...

translation[drop troops ready........ dawn strike............... elite force ready to........ take control of command center.... open up the planet's defenses.....] end transmission

SLIGHT WARNING... for language.

The small Space Wolf force dug in to their trenches as the glint of sunlight just touched the horizon. The friendly transmission came over the communication lines as the Long Fangs anxiously awaited contact from within their bunker, "This is Rune Priest Víglundr. Hold tight, our force is preparing to drop to your location. We have Tau ships incoming on your position and we should arrive as they do. We must hold that Command Bunker!"

The Wolfguard, Skadd, spit in response, and commented to his squad of veteran marksmen, "They better get here soon. We have but a small force to battle what sounds like an elite battle suit formation. We've seen this type of attack before, Fangs. Just stay true to your senses".

As the morning sun rose, the first salvo hit. The orbital strike blasted around the Command Bunker, and destroyed an automated gun emplacement. Blasts peppered the tanks around the bunker, shaking their crew but ultimately doing no damage to the rest of the compound. Then the first enemy Crisis Suits dropped, along with heavy weapon support.

Helm Trueblood, last of his pack and now titled Lone Wolf, roared into the voice communicator, "There they are men! Leave the glory to me, and you just try to stay out of my way!" as he saw the suits ready to engage. They fired a salvo of plasma that tore at his armor, and wounded him even in his battle frenzy, and vaporized one of his trusted Fenrisian Wolf companions. "Bastards!" Just as the heavy Broadside battle suits fired their heavy railguns into the bastion that housed their compounds turreted battle cannon. The bastion came crumbling down. Another unit of battle suits dropped next to the Vindicator and fired of more plasma rounds. Before it could turn and blast them, the suits jumped onto the tank, and unleashed their grenades, disabling its cannon and destroying the tank treads.

"We're inbound now!" claimed Víglundr, as his drop pod crashed into the dense earth before the Crisis Suits. "Out and don't leave a single tin can standing!" he ordered as he activated the runes on his massive axe, their energy pulsing. His squad disembarked from their pod and rapid fired into the suits, cutting them down in a hail of Boltgun fire. Then the Long Fangs unleashed their version of Hell on the remaining Tau, and blasted them off the face of the planet. "AH! You c*cksuckers didn't leave any scraps for me, dammit!" shouted Helm, denied the glorious combat he deserved. Squad Beta's drop pod landed in front of the heavy battlesuits that had destroyed the bastion just moments ago. The Wolf Guard second in command of the defense of the Command Bunker, Mornstar, left from the pod and THREW his thunder hammer at the closest Broadside. A shield drone intercepted his hammer and exploded. "Don't just stand there you pups, show them what you've got!"

All around them, more teams of Crisis Suits were dropping from the sky, shooting into their ranks. Víglundr was struck twice as his unit began to fall to the massive amounts of plasma fire taken by his unit. "By Russ's beard these scum have a lot of plasma!" As Mornstar smashed through the remaining suits, he turned to see Víglundr gunned down by a massive Tau battlesuit of unknown design. "Dammit, no!"

As a Devilfish troop transport raced through their lines, undoubtedly with a deadly payload, another squadron of battle suits dropped in their lines, aiming at destroying their command bunker. "More pods coming in! Lets go boys!" Skadd shouted to his squad, and let loose with his Cyclone missile launcher. The drop pod reinforcements landed just within their compounds walls, and unleashed it's fierce cargo of the Grey Hunter squad within. As another pod dropped nearby, the wolves began pouring it on, and more tanks were rolling over the hills.

The firepower of the long awaited reinforcements proved too much for the Tau elite strike force, and they began to fall one after another. Mornstar ripped through suit after suit as he led his squad to the center of the enemy drop zone, and towards where Víglundr fell. Before him, the giant Tau suit rose up and fired off a few rounds, before it jetted straight for him with retinue in tow. "So you want to play, eh?" he mused, and then cleaved the suit in two with the might of two normal Wolf Guard! "Heh, no game at all".

As the remains of their force were run down and blown to pieces, one remaining squad of Broadsides unleashed their railguns again, striking into the command bunker. As it began to crumble, Skadd leaped from the nearest firing port to safety, and his power armored squad brothers followed.

As Mornstar made it to the wreckage of Squad Alpha's drop pod, a pile of Tau and Space Wolf bodies began to .. As he readied his hammer, Víglundr slowly rose to his feet and laid his brothers down who had died honorably in battle. He surveyed the battlefield and annoyingly looked hard at the ruins of the command bunker. "Hey, we didn't lose it" Skadd joked as he walked up to his commanding officer. Mornstar let out a bellowing laugh.


TYPE OF GAME: Planetstrike Galus Mission 1
SIDES Imperial Space Wolves vs Chaos Aligned Tau

WIN/LOSS/DRAW: Win for Space Wolves

*Mornstar = counts-as Arjac Rockfist

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rhellion turns 100, Mrs. Blood Angel, and Víglundr!

Thanks for reading my blog, because today Rhellion's Tabletop is 100 posts old! I've almost been kicking around a year now, and this blog has really enhanced my hobby experience and kept me motivated.

In other Rhellion hobby-related news, my wife has decided to give 40K another go. She played Eldar about 6 years ago, but was mostly a painter not a gamer. This past weekend she took a trip to our FLGS Pandemonium and picked up Codex: Blood Angels, a squad of new Death Company, and a Baal Predator. She also drafted a bunch of my unused Codex Marines to fill out a full 2000 points already. She has a ways to go to learn the rules of the game, but I'm already excited. Haha.

In Galus Campaign news, I've created my campaign Hero with the 40K Fight Club Character Creation Rules. I'll be playing my first Galus game this Friday, and should have a full battle report next Wednesday, after the first period is over (so as to not reveal stratagems). Here he is:

Víglundr, Son of the Bear, Slayer of Daemons

Víglundr was a massive man even by Space Marine standards when he was discovered by the Wolf Priests in his home village. He was the Village Seer's son, but as a great warrior he lead war parties in defense of his village against the warring factions of Fenris. While going through the trials of the Space Wolves, he was singled out because of his attunement to the Rune's, and his ability to harness their powers specifically for hand to hand combat. He became a Rune Priest while his other brothers became Blood Claws, and as they all because Space Wolves together he stood not in the rear commanding the powers of lightning and storm, but in the front line swinging his force weapon and slaying the enemies of the Chapter.

His attunement to the runes and martial prowess with his runic axe, Kjonir, earned him place on expeditions to the fringe of the Eye of Terror in defense of the world there from Daemon and Chaos Cultist raids. On one such defense mission, Víglundr was at Brom Wolfheart's side when a great Keeper of Secrets was summoned to the battlefield and began to lay waste to the Space Wolves before it. Víglundr stepped forward and took a mighty blow from the Daemon that would have cleaved a normal Space Marine in two, and stepped forward and sundered the Greater Daemon in turn. Instantly the Chaos warband's resolve left them, their battle lust gone, and they fled. Víglundr just stood and led the howl of victory, with a gaping hole in his side.

Rune priest

Wargear: Runic Weapon, Terminator Armor, Wolftooth Necklace

Psychic Powers: Jaws of the World Wolf, Murderous Hurricane

Galus Upgrades: +1 Initiative, +1 Wound, Force Weapon, Eternal Warrior

Points: 220

[The Force Weapon upgrade allows him to cause instant death even if the enemy is immune to instant death.]

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Galus Crusade

The Galus Crusade is a 40K Fight Club-wide campaign event that is beginning now! Galus V: Endgame is the latest chapter in the club's campaign, and this will be my first time taking part. For more information on the history of the Galus Crusade, download a pdf of the detailed history here.

Speeding towards the distress call coming from the Galus Sector and Gallad Prime, young Wolf Guard Battle Leader Brom Wolfheart paced anxiously in his chambers. It was his first time leading such a massive war party without the guidance of his Wolf Lord, Ragnar Blackmane. Brom was sent due to the short, and frantic notice coming from The Ballast, with hopes that his strike force could stem the tides of Chaos from overtaking the system. He must hold out at the very least until reinforcements from his Great Company arrive.

Pacing the deck of his chambers, he longed to mount his trusted friend and Thunderwolf, Jer'fang, and lead his Claw into battle. The drop to the surface of Gallad Prime and The Ballast was being prepared. A great Claw of Russ would rain from the skies, and Chaos would be stamped out before the other forces of the Imperium even arrived!

Army: Imperium (Space Wolves)
Name: Brom's Claw
Player: Brad (Rhellion)
Area of Operations: Pandemonium, Garden City MI

 If you're in Michigan, or any of the other areas covered by the 40k Fight Club, and you are interested in joining the fight for The Galus Sector, register now at 40K Fight Club!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another unit, and thoughts

I've been painting into the night, and I finished my Fenrisian Wolf unit. This means I'm caught up on my 2010 painting resolution, with plenty of time before next month. Maybe next weekend I can start another unit of Troops of two to begin fielding more of a fully painted army. I only need to leave 1 Troop for the upcoming month that requires them for my resolution.

I played two games today with my 2000 point Wolf Lord list. Similar to the list I have been playing for a few games now, also running with 4 Grey Hunter squads. First game I forgot to assault with my WL, and he got shot up by the Tau. I still demolished the Tau pretty soundly, but some unlucky game end rolls prolonged the game and my opponent had the time to contest and end in a Draw in Capture and Control.

My second game really gave a glimmer of hope for future use of the Thunder Wolf WL. I played an Annihilation game against Dark Angels and tabled them. The Wolf Lord did seriously well. His performance in the game is making me rethink wanting to get some Thunder Wolf Cavalry asap. These are the models I am thinking about getting now. The Mr Dandy models are just too big I think. These ones are sold on EBay (not my models):

The list played well. In the first game the 4 Troops choices (10 man squads) really game me the ability to win the game, though I couldn't capitalize. The second game the Long Fangs were excellent, the Lone Wolf did well, and the WL made me think there still is a place for him in my list.

Good gaming for a Saturday at the GW store.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wolf Scouts emerge!

I finally finished the unit I should have painted in March for my painting resolution. I'm glad I did, because I really like how they turned out and they are a unit I generally include in my army list.

I like to always Outflank my Wolf Scouts with Behind Enemy Lines. They are great for getting at those deep enemy line units, like Devastators, tanks who are launching long range fire, and other units the enemy is "hiding" far away from you. I usually attach a Wolf Guard who has a power fist and combi melta equipped. I don't run too many combi weapons, but this is one unit that I HAVE to run one.

So here they are, and I am one unit closer to catching up to my failed resolutions.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Second Lone Wolf conversion

I picked up a thunder hammer Terminator from the Space Hulk boxed set, planning on making him my First Company Captain for my Ultramarines. I don't play Codex marines anymore, so I converted the model into an interesting Lone Wolf with a thunder hammer who would normally focus on Monstrous Creatures (where the chain fist Lone Wolf would focus on armored vehicles). So here he is, first as received, then as originally modified, and now the current after final modifications including a new thunder hammer weapon and storm shield arm.