Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Podcast Addiction!

I've officially become addicted to Warhammer 40k Podcasts. Over the past few days I've downloaded 20-30 different podcast episodes and I am listening to them at work to keep my thoughts on 40k (as if it isn't on 40k enough). What spurred all of this interest in podcasts is the 40k Fight Club's very own brand new podcast: Fight Night! Fight Night is also available on iTunes. Following the announcement that 40k Radio is going off the air, unfortunately, I also became a fan opf their show. Here are the podcasts I have been downloading and listening to so far. Post your favorites!

Fight Night

40k Radio

The 11th Company

Dice Like Thunder

40k Warcasting


  1. You should also check out The Gamers Lounge, a podcast that some friends of mine do biweekly.

  2. I downloaded The Gamers Lounge as well as Bad Dice and Imperial Vox Cast. I'll check them out asap.