Thursday, February 25, 2010

Space Wolf

I finished reading Space Wolf yesterday, the story of Ragnar's induction into the Space Wolves Chapter. I have to say, it was a pleasant surprise after reading the first 2 Ultramarines books about Uriel Ventris. It was damn good! The book starts off with Ragnar Thunderfist as a member of one of the many tribes of Fenris. After a great tribal battle, Ragnar is selected by a Wolf Priest to join the Space Wolves through the many trials a recruit faces before being allowed to join the Chapter. You follow young Ragnar as he takes the path from tribal warrior, to recruit undergoing the trials, to the transformation into a Space Marine, and to a Blood Claw of the Space Wolves and his first mission. The action in this book is pretty exciting and draws you in like a good story should. I'd recommend it in a second.

I have to say, it really inspired me to include Blood Claws in my Space Wolf army lists. I also want to get some Wulfen models from Globalsmack. Sure to be able to run the Apocalypse Formation or a model here or there with the mark. But after reading the book, the actual roleplaying/story elements of these units really stand out for me.

Following up on my 2010 Painting Resolution, I've posted a poll for next month's project! Only a few days away from March. I found the Grey Hunter I was missing (he was hiding in plain sight), so I am ready to finish up my February entry this weekend just in time to start March's entry over Spring Break.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grey Hunters WIP

Another update for my Feb 2010 painting Resolution entry. I was hoping to finish them tonight, but got sucked into Olympic Hockey. USA! USA! I may get to finish them tomorrow as it looks like we'll be getting a snow day from school.

Also, I apparently lost one of my Grey Hunters after/during my game yesterday. I'll worry about replacing him later, and maybe give myself a chance to find him on Tuesday when I hit up Pandemonium next.

I still need to finish some details and drybrushing the fur and skulls, but otherwise they are at least table ready.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thunderwolf Cavalry modeling options?

After sifting through conversion threads, new models popping up online, and arguing on Bolter and Chainsword over "counts-as" Thunderwolf Cavalry options, this is what I feel like my options for modeling Thunderwolf Cavalry are. I've graded them on how much I like the ideas, but please, put in your input or even link to what you've done.

I specifically do not like the idea of "counts-as" suped up bikes, or 4 Wulfen on a 60mm base, or 2 Fenrisian Wolves leading a Grey Hunter or whatever on a 60mm base. Those aren't giant beasts, they aren't cavalry, and I don't think they warrant the stats of the TWC.

So here are what I've browsed the last few days:

1. Russian Sculpts from EBay. Very nice model, but static. Only one pose. Resin. Probability: high.

2. High Elf Lion Chariot lions. Serious conversion and green stuff work. Probability: low.

3. Circle of Orbos wolves from Warmachine (I think). Cool models, I've seen them in person. They come in 3 poses, but seem just a little small. Probability: moderate.

4. IamJacks over at 40k Fight Club has some nice conversions using Juggernauts. I like them, but I think I'd rather them be more wolf-like. Probability: moderate.

5. New sculpts that are being released this weekend. More resin, and they seem to be just about the size of Canis and Fangir, maybe a little smaller. There are 5 poses (the other 4 are being finished this weekend I've been told). Probability: very high.

So what do you think? I like the Russian EBay sculpts, but I am leaning towards the last choice. I think the decision will be made if the other 4 are good looking.

Space Wolf roster update

I spent some time this week putting together new models, stripping old models, converting and re-converting, and re-assembling stripped models into new squads! Not much painting getting done, but I am hoping to finish up my Feb 2010 painting resolution this weekend as well. I ordered the remaining resin bases for my entire army this week as well! Now all I have to do is paint the whole thing. New pics this weekend for sure.

Here is what I am looking at either assembled or sitting in Simple Green. I'm waiting on the new GW plastic Venerable Dreadnought for more Dread weapon arms and options, and another Dreadnought option. Even then I still may get the FW Venerable Dreadnought. It's an excellent model.

1 Wolf Lord on thunderwolf (Canis), planning on magnetizing the arm options
1 Rune Priest in terminator armor
1 Rune Priest in power armor
1 Wolf Priest in power armor (Ulrik)
1 Wolf Priest in power armor

9 Wolf Guard in terminator armor, including Arjac
4 Wolf Guard in power armor with power fists
5 Wolf Scouts with a melta gun
5 Wolf Scouts with sniper rifles
1 Dreadnought with extra armor (I'm working on converting my Ironclad)
1 Dreadnought (AoBR)
1 Lone Wolf in terminator armor, th/ss
1 Iron Priest (picking this guy up used on Tuesday)

9 Grey Hunters with a melta gun and power weapon
9 Grey Hunters with a plasma gun and power weapon
7 Grey Hunters with a plasma gun and power weapon
15 Blood Claws with a power weapon

10 Fenrisian Wolves (Goblin Wolf Rider wolves)
3 Land Speeders, 2 with multi meltas and heavy flamers, one fully magnetized
4 Swiftclaws with 1 Attack Bike
9 Skyclaws with power weapon, plus a Wolf Guard with twin Wolf Claws

6 Long Fangs with 5 missile launchers
6 Long Fangs with 5 missile launchers
1 Land Raider Crusader
1 Land Raider with Forgeworld doors that I am planning on magnetizing
1 Predator with autocannon and heavy bolters
1 Whirlwind
2 Vindicators

6 Drop Pods
3 Rhinos

I also have 2 full Space Marine Tactical Squads I am stripping to split up for bits. I may use them for more special and heavy weapon options, or to fill out my current squads, or both. I have another 10 Terminators I am breaking up (5 reg, 5 AoBR) that I may use all of my bits to make into regular Wolf Guard in terminator armor as well. Just in case I ever wanted to play a Wolf Wing list.

I've been looking at my options for Thunderwolf Cavalry lately, and I was thinking about adding some Land Speeders with Typhoon missile launchers and at least 1 twin-lascannon Razorback. I definitely need a Ragnar Blackmane model. But right now I need to get to work on painting first.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GLWL Round 3

I forgot to take pictures with this game! I played Russ's Orcs and Goblins, who I played in my League tune-up game a couple months ago. The scenario we played tonight was called Harbingers of Doom, which involved 3 additional, individual models who were sort of "suicide bombers" that we could detonate during any shooting phase, or had a chance to explode if killed before being detonated.

It's hard to defend the Hell Pit Abomination after his killer performance tonight. While he DID flank charge, he then ate through a unit of big 'uns with an Orc Warboss, and then another full unit of Black Orcs in two turns... it helped my cause that Russ couldn't pass a single save the entire game, and even started poorly with his first 5 dice rolls of the game all being 1's (including animosity). It was a rough game for Russ, because the dice were not on his side by any means.

I ended up winning the game after wiping out the Orcs and Goblins, while only losing half of the Giant Rat squad. Skaven win 3049 to 23.

2 games remaining in the 2010 Great Lakes Warhammer League: Orcs and Goblins again, and Warriors of Chaos.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Part 1

If my title drew your attention from BoLS or FTW, you've fallen into my shameless trap! I've decided to strip my Ultramarines and focus solely on my Space Wolves. Many models will be stripped and parted out to make more Space Wolf units, and some will be stripped and traded or sold. The main problem with this endeavor... I have A LOT of minis that need to be stripped! So I stopped at ACO Hardware on the way home from class and picked up some more supplies.

Step one: gather your models. I've had great success stripping metal models, moderate success stripping plastic models, and no experience stripping tanks.


Step two: gather your supplies. My helper got caught in the pic! I have used Simple Green with great success and zero corrosion on my models. I picked up a large bucket to fit all of the models, but not quite enough Simple Green to fill it to the top (not nearly). I used a ratio of about 2.5 water to 1 Simple Green, and I plan on letting the models sit for a few days, maybe a week.


The plan is to check back in a few days and get to work on the infantry models who are at the bottom, and probably getting soaked the best. Then I will leave the tanks to soak for another day if they need it. Updates to follow!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WIP Grey Hunters

Working on my Feb entry to my 2010 Painting Resolution tonight during the snow storm! Hey, atleast it's a blog entry in a slow week.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wolf Priest in plastics

With Ulrik being the only Wolf Priest model currently available, I went about making one from old Space Wolf sprues and the new boxed set. I don't use the wolf helmet on other regular models in my army, so it is unique to the WP, and will only be used for other characters if at all.His Crozius is made from a power axe and bits from the accessory sprue. And as I take a minimalist approach to my non-special HQ choices, he is armed with a bolt pistol.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

GLWL Game 2


 GLWL Scenario: Treacherous Trio!

This past Saturday I played my second round Great Lakes Warhammer League game. The game was decided on the second turn when the Grey Seer conjured a great crack in the playing field that swallowed the Vampire Lord. But otherwise, the game was hard fought and well played.

Mike's Blood Knights ran rampant from unit to unit, while on the other end of the table my Plague Monks and Furnace were wrecking the undead in combat with it. My spies were picked off easily and early, while Mike's waltzed across the table.

When the smoke cleared, the only models on the table were Mike's 3 spies, all in his deployment zone. My Doomwheel raced across the table with two chances to take them out. The first (fifth) turn, I rolled a total of 5" on my movement roll. The second I got to them... and miss-fired! The game ended as his spies escaped, but his army did not.

Thanks to Mike for a hard fought game. We had some rules queries, but we worked them out in game genuinely, and without argument. The Skaven book as written leads to them inevitably. Thanks again Mike.

3 opponents left in the League. Orks, Orks again, and Warriors of Chaos!

Final Score: 3049 Skaven, 1113 Vampire Counts

-right before the Vampire Lord (mounted in purple robes) is hit by Crack's Call (and rolled a 6 on his initiative)