Thursday, February 11, 2010


Part 1

If my title drew your attention from BoLS or FTW, you've fallen into my shameless trap! I've decided to strip my Ultramarines and focus solely on my Space Wolves. Many models will be stripped and parted out to make more Space Wolf units, and some will be stripped and traded or sold. The main problem with this endeavor... I have A LOT of minis that need to be stripped! So I stopped at ACO Hardware on the way home from class and picked up some more supplies.

Step one: gather your models. I've had great success stripping metal models, moderate success stripping plastic models, and no experience stripping tanks.


Step two: gather your supplies. My helper got caught in the pic! I have used Simple Green with great success and zero corrosion on my models. I picked up a large bucket to fit all of the models, but not quite enough Simple Green to fill it to the top (not nearly). I used a ratio of about 2.5 water to 1 Simple Green, and I plan on letting the models sit for a few days, maybe a week.


The plan is to check back in a few days and get to work on the infantry models who are at the bottom, and probably getting soaked the best. Then I will leave the tanks to soak for another day if they need it. Updates to follow!

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