Friday, February 5, 2010

Wolf Priest in plastics

With Ulrik being the only Wolf Priest model currently available, I went about making one from old Space Wolf sprues and the new boxed set. I don't use the wolf helmet on other regular models in my army, so it is unique to the WP, and will only be used for other characters if at all.His Crozius is made from a power axe and bits from the accessory sprue. And as I take a minimalist approach to my non-special HQ choices, he is armed with a bolt pistol.



  1. I think his Crozius is a little bit too tall. Otherwise looks good :)

    PS: have you seen the competition over at the Space Wolves blog?

  2. I like it that large, because he can swing it with 2 hands like an axe. It's the same size as the axe that is on my Rune Priest.

    PS: I'll take a look!

  3. Personally I would shorten the crozius, or convert it to have him holding it further up the haft, so it doesn't tower over him so much. It'd help emphasise it as a two handed weapon too in my opinion.

    Always good to see cool characters made entirely from plastic.

  4. I shortened it, and it looks a lot better. I also switched up his backpack to use the one from the old Space Wolf accessory sprue. I think he looks great for my first "generic" Wolf Priest after the modification, where he was just slight off before.

    I'll post up some pics with my next SW update.