Monday, November 30, 2009

Combat Patrol: Ultramarines

I finished up my list for my first 2 games, and the painting necessary to be "Fully Painted". I'll be running 2 full Tactical Squads with missile launchers and plasma guns. One will have a Razorback with twin-linked heavy bolters. The list is exactly 400 points.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Skaven Discussion

 Had a great game today. Here are some questions I came away with from the game.

Question about the Doom Wheel charging: someone said tonight that on the GLWL forum it was discussed that a Doom Wheel must declare a charge? Are there any other units with 360 random movement and impact hits that do not count as charging when they hit a unit? Yes the HPA says it counts as charging, and the Doom Wheel does not, but the Storm Banner also doesn't say 'one use only', along with other omissions and typos in the Skaven book. And if a Doom Wheel hits a friendly unit it does impact hits and them backs off, so what happens if I hit an enemy unit? Do impact hits but then it can't charge? This doesn't make sense. I believe it should be played as the HPA.

My other question is about irresistible force and the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell. Must I exceed 25 along with at least 2 6's for it to be I.F.? Or must I only need to cast enough dice to possibly be successful (5 dice) and get 2 or more 6's to cast with I.F.? Or must I only get 2 6's on at least 2 dice, possibly casting the spell with 2 dice? I got 3 different answers from 3 different people asked tonight.

And when the DTS is cast, it must be cast on and Infantry UNIT. It then removes 4d6 MODELS. So if there is a cavalry model attached to an infantry unit, if I destroy the unit the cavalry models is removed, because I targeted an infantry unit correctly, and he is a 'model' in the unit? This didn't come up, but I thought of it after correcting another error.

Thanks. I had a lot of fun just trying to get of the DTS tonight, and I am thinking of taking a Grey Seer more often because of that ridiculous spell, rofl. Even after my War-litter conversion.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Weekend painting checklist

It's going to be a busy weekend. I'm going to the Hockey game tonight, and a full day of driving and eating tomorrow, then painting, gaming, painting, painting, and more painting. Tale of 4 Gamers armies are due for our first games on Tuesday, which means I have a full unit to paint, and finishing touches on another (pictured). I also have some Space Marine vehicles to paint for the Combat Patrol League, based on the list I just wrote up to try in the first week of games. Here is my weekend checklist:

20 Clan Rats with spears
20 Clan Rats (bases and finishing touches)

2 Razorbacks
2 Attack Bikes
1 Land Speeder

Also, I had a marathon game of Warhammer last night. 2 new players playing with large armies lead to lots of rules questions! The Skaven were victorious, with the following observations:

-Hell Pit Abomination is very, very powerful. "Why don't you just take two of them every game"? Because no one would play against a 2 HPA list unless they were forced to in a tournament. He killed an Engine of the gods, Cold One unit, and finished off a Saurus block pretty much solo. I spent all of my anti magic getting him into charge range though. Everyone has an idea of how to kill this thing... lots of fire and missile attacks.

-Doom wheel is very fun in a random blow up your own army sort of way. On 6 shots from it before it died, 3 shots were into my own army, and 3 shots were misfires (although one misfire was a 6, adding d6 to my movement for the remainder). Like Brian said, the Doom Wheel is 190 points. 150 for the Doom Wheel and 40 for a unit of Slaves to drop next to it and soak up first turn or 2 shots.

-BSB is pretty vital for a Skaven army. It saved the game for me, imo. Sort of a General new WHFB player observation.

-I may try to take another unit of Giant Rats. They are great flankers. I ran a 12 model unit for 46 points... 10 rats and 2 pack masters.

-My Furnace didn't get a single round of combat in. I'll have to wait until this weekend to see how it performs.

-Skaven Warlords kitted with a war-litter and other cc gear is still not a combat monster. I'm better off keeping the gear to a minimum and making him survivable. He died to a Saurus Hero in a challenge.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Painted Doom Wheel

I spent the rest of the day/night finishing the Doom Wheel. These two miniatures needed to be painted in separate components, so I had to finish them both this weekend to play on Tuesday. This is the first time I have ever really painted something in components like this and assembled them after. This is also the first time that I can remember that I have painted from about 12pm to 12am. It all worked out in the end to make two great looking, decently painted, characterful pieces that I am looking forward to playing with

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Complete Plague Furnace

Done! This is how I spent my Saturday. Not watching college football, and not watching UFC. I painted my Plague Furnace. About 7 hours later (I assembled it last night following the tutorial on GW's website), here it is. Now I'm about to start my Doom Wheel!

Weekend projects

Here are a few shots of the stuff I am working on this weekend. I'm hoping to have the big stuff done for a game Tuesday. I picked up a new Doom Wheel and Plague Furnace yesterday. AMAZING kits. But dear god, they are sharp and pointy. My thumbs were bleeding after gouging myself with the models for 2 hours last night while assembling them! I also finished the majority of my next Clan Rat unit.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Combat Patrol League

Slipwing of the 40K Fight Club is running a Combat Patrol League. It will be running simultaneously with Tale of 4 Gamers, but it is small games and big fun. I have the majority of what I was thinking of using painted, so I will just need to try and squeeze in some more painting along with my Skaven.

This league uses the Combat Patrol rules (download here) with the following changes, or as noted below:

- Patrols need not be fully painted, but will earn extra points if it is.
- No ranged weapons of Strength greater than 7 may be used. Note - this was in the original rules, and still appears in many I have reviewed on the net, but was not included in this particular rule set. Not sure why, but we can discuss if needed.

Each game will be played using the Combat Patrol Mission (see below).

Each player is required to play every other player once within a three week period of time (Dec 1 through Dec 21). Games can be scheduled as needed. Players that do not play one another will earn 0 points for that match up.

On the night of Dec 22, all participants will be divided up to play multi-player carnage battles that will be scored as normal.

Any non-vehicle unit still on the table that is not falling back and is 50% of its starting size or greater at the end of the game may roll once on the following table. The result applies to that unit for the next game only and all results are one use only. If the unit is not used in the subsequent game, the experience is lost.

1: Street Fighters – The unit may re-roll a Difficult or Dangerous Terrain Test. (Jetbikes re-roll this result)
2: Grizzled Veterans – The unit may re-roll failed to wound rolls from a single player turn during an assult or shooting phase
3: Seasoned Campaigner – The unit may re-roll a failed moral check (fearless units re-roll this result)
4: Tank Killers - The unit may re-roll a failed armor penetration roll
5: Natural Survivors - If the unit loses an assault and breaks off, it may re-roll a failed initiative check
6: Rapid Deployment - If the unit is held in reserve, it may re-roll a reserve roll

Any vehicle (excluding dedicated transports) still on the table that is not destroyed, wrecked, or immobilized at the end of the game may roll on the following table. The result applies to that vehicle for the next game only and all results are one use only. If the vehicle is not used in the subsequent game, the experience is lost.

1: Terrifying - The owning player may request that an enemy unit Tank Shocked by the vehicle re-roll its it morale check (Walkers re-roll this result)
2: Hardened Crew - The owning play may request that the result of a glancing hit scored against the vehicle be re-rolled.
3: Reinforced Armor - The owning play may request that the result of a penetrating hit scored against the vehicle be re-rolled.
4: Skilled Gunnery - The vehicle may re-roll a failed to hit roll, or may re-roll scatter dice.
5: Skilled Pilot - The vehicle may re-roll a Dangerous Terrain test (Skimmers re-roll this result)
6: Tank Killers - The vehicles may re-roll a failed armor penetration roll.

Combat Patrol Mission
Deployment: Use the Pitched Battle deployment type found in the main rulebook. Table size is 4' x 4' instead of the normal 4' x 6'.

Victory Conditions: Each game will have both a primary and secondary mission. The Primary mission will always be Victory Points. The secondary objective will be determined randomly. Before deploying, roll a D6 and consult the table below.

1-2: Assassinate – Secondary objective is to kill the opposing patrol’s leader.
3-4: Carnage – A terrain piece is placed in the center of the table. The patrol that holds this objective, uncontested, at the end of the game, wins the secondary objective.
5: Capture the flag – A flag is placed in the center of the table (use any suitable marker). The patrol that is able to get the flag off their table edge, or is in possession of the flag at the end of the game, wins the secondary objective. (Use the flag rules from the Forlorn Hope mission in the Planetstrike book)
6: Sabotage – An objective is placed in the center of the table. It is considered to have an armor value of 12 on all sides. The patrol that destroys the objective wins the secondary objective. On a glancing hit against the objective, roll a d6. If you roll a six, you destroy it. On a penetrating hit, you need a 5+ on a d6. Note - I intentionally tried to make it difficult to destroy this objective.

Due to the size of the patrol, all units in the patrol, with the exception of vehicles, are able to claim objectives in a mission that uses them. Any unit in a patrol may contest objectives.

Games will be scored as follows.

Primary Objective
Win: +10 points
Draw: +5 points
Loss: +1 point

Secondary Objective
Win: +5 points
Draw: +3 points
Loss: +0 point

Bonus Points
Fully Painted: +5 points
Detailed Battle Report: +5 points

Game Length – Combat patrol uses standard game length.

It would be fun, although will be difficult, to get all the participants together into as many multi-player Carnage battles (as needed) after the 4th period for some extra scoring.

slipwing - IG
globalsmack - ???
circuitse7en - Tau
Gargunki - Orks
Rhellion - Space Marines
??? - Tyranids*
Shining - Space Marines
fadaki - Tau

* - Potential player

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Painted Skaven Slaves

I finished the basing on my next To4G period 1 unit: my first unit of Skaven Slaves. I'm interested to hear what everyone thinks of the color scheme. I wanted to be different than the "typical" GW Skaven color scheme with red cloth/robes, and base my army color as green. Snot Green in particular as the cloth colors. The slave fur color is Vermin Brown, te Clan Rat fur color will be Scorched Brown, and the Storm Vermin and Warlord fur color will be Chardon Granite. The Storm Vermin and Warlord will also have Catachan Green robes, different from the rest of the army.

So now I have my 20 Plague Monks, 10 Plague Censer Bearers, Plague Priest, and 20 Skaven Slaves done. 2 units of 20 Clan Rats left to paint before December 1st to be completed on time.Tale of 4 Gamers is a great motivator to start a new army and actually paint it.


Also, here is a picture of the Warlord mounted on the War-litter as he will look inside of the Storm Vermin unit. The Storm Vermin might be painted as early as the next To4G period, but the Warlord will be a 4th period addition if he is aded at all (rather than a Grey Seer on a Screaming Bell).

And in worse news, Doom Wheels are out of stock! They are apparently on back order to GW, so I'll be waiting a little while to pick one up.

Friday, November 13, 2009

War-litter conversion!

This is my favorite model/conversion yet! I better stop now, because I don't think I can top this one... I'm just not THAT creative. I should be painting my Tale of 4 Gamers army (I am almost done with my first Skaven Slave unit), but after getting the pieces for this conversion today at Pandemonium I just had to get to work on him. I bought an Orc chariot JUST for this conversion, so hopefully someone needs some orc and boar bits, haha.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

BSB conversion

I'm planning on running a Chieftain in smaller games who will be my Battle Standard Bearer in larger games. I have 2 Chieftain models with the standard held with the tail, so I left one as-is to play in small games and converted the second one to use as the BSB. Here is the converted model, the standard is from the new Storm Vermin boxed set.

Tale of 4 Gamers period 1 under way!

Army lists are in for period 1. I now have 3 weeks to paint 60 Clan Rats to finish up my first list. I have 1 unit based and primed, so hopefully I can get some work in on them tonight. Here are the 4 first period lists. First round matchups are Skaven vs Lizardmen, and Orcs and Goblins vs High Elves:

Rhellion / Skaven
Plague Priest: lvl 1, flail

20 Clan Rats: spear, shield, clawleader, standard, musician
20 Clan Rats: shield, clawleader, standard, musician
20 Slaves

20 Plague Monks: musician, standard, bringer-of-the-word, Storm Banner
5 Plague Censer Bearers
5 Plague Censer Bearers


Gargunki / Lizardmen

Skink Priest: General, Level 2 Upgrade, Aquatic, Dispel Scroll, Diadem of Power.

16 Saurus Warriors: Musician, Standard Bearer, Spears, Shields, Scaly Skin.

2 x 10 Skink Skirmishers: Blowpipe, Aquatic, Skirmishers.

3 Terradon Riders: Arboreal Predators, Javelin, Drop Rocks, Flyer, Skirmishers.

2 Salamanders: Hunting Packs, Spout Flames, Aquatic, Causes Fear, Scaly Skin, Skirmishers.
6 Skink Handlers: Aquatic, Skirmishers.

Total Roster Cost: 740

daskrusher / Dwarfs of Chaos

1 daemonsmith w/shield 112pts

15 chaos dwarf warriors with full command, chaos armour, shields, and attached eruption gun 250 pts

15 chaos dwarf annihilators with standard and musician 195 pts

1 death rocket 90 pts

1 earthshaker cannon 100pts

total: 747
gunslinger / High Elves

Hero on horse Helm of re-rolling armour and SoM, barding, dragon armor
2x10 archers
bolt thrower
12 White Lions + full command, Lion Standard


Monday, November 9, 2009

You Dirty Rat!

West Point Hobby held a raffle to celebrate the release of the new Skaven models and army book.

And I won the raffle! Thanks to Marc and the staff at West Point Hobby. I went and picked up my stuff today, and I'll be assembling them right away to play tomorrow. They had to substitute the Deathmaster Snikch, but I was happy to get Queek Headtaker instead.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Poisoned Wind Mortar conversions

The Poisoned Wind Mortar from the new Skaven army book is one of the better new weapons teams, but there is no model for it. So I went and converted 3 teams and will hopefully try them out this week.

Move and Fire, 6"-24" range, fires as a stone thrower, wounds anything in the center on a 4+, and anything touching on a 5+.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Hellpit Abomination conversion

The Skaven book is out! I played my first game today, and while I lost in the last turns I found out more about Skaven tactics. I played with a Warp-Lightning Cannon that was awesome in use, but I got home and really wanted to try a HPA. So I looked around what little bits I had, and I found the upper torso of a rat ogre that I just got from Forbino, part of a Cauldron of Blood I got from Globalsmack, some spikes and a tail from an old High Elf Dragon I don't even have the rest of anymore, and a D&D Mini I cannibalized from my roleplaying box!

This is what I came up with. He's on a 50mm x 50mm monster base, and is positioned that the front of the creature is tragging his torso that is on half of a cart. Similar to the art in the book. I used the spikes from the dragon along with the spines already on the Otyugh model. I think I will have to scuplt some green stuff for the first time in my short modeling career, but otherwise I like how he has turned out. I may just change my mind and use this beast in my Tale of 4 Gamers league.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Clan Pestilens update

With the Skaven army book and new miniatures only 2 days away, I am finishing up the first units for the Tale of 4 Gamers league. I'm still going to need another 60 rats for my first period army, but here is the "elite" half of the army fully painted, minus one standard bearer.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Apoc: Tau vs Imperium

Last Saturday we got 6 members of the Ordo Fraternitas Chapter of 40K Fight Club, and had a large Imperium vs Tau Empire battle. 3 Tau armies vs 2 Imperial Guard and 1 Space Marine army. 3000 points each, 9000 points per side total. I didn't take notes to write a battle report, because with such a large game and timed turns to keep things moving it would have been very difficult. So please just enjoy the pics!



The game begins!


The Generals clash! Already wounded, Captain Ideaus falls in close combat to Shas'O Giambi.


Aaaaand... the Tau were victorious!