Sunday, November 15, 2009

Painted Skaven Slaves

I finished the basing on my next To4G period 1 unit: my first unit of Skaven Slaves. I'm interested to hear what everyone thinks of the color scheme. I wanted to be different than the "typical" GW Skaven color scheme with red cloth/robes, and base my army color as green. Snot Green in particular as the cloth colors. The slave fur color is Vermin Brown, te Clan Rat fur color will be Scorched Brown, and the Storm Vermin and Warlord fur color will be Chardon Granite. The Storm Vermin and Warlord will also have Catachan Green robes, different from the rest of the army.

So now I have my 20 Plague Monks, 10 Plague Censer Bearers, Plague Priest, and 20 Skaven Slaves done. 2 units of 20 Clan Rats left to paint before December 1st to be completed on time.Tale of 4 Gamers is a great motivator to start a new army and actually paint it.


Also, here is a picture of the Warlord mounted on the War-litter as he will look inside of the Storm Vermin unit. The Storm Vermin might be painted as early as the next To4G period, but the Warlord will be a 4th period addition if he is aded at all (rather than a Grey Seer on a Screaming Bell).

And in worse news, Doom Wheels are out of stock! They are apparently on back order to GW, so I'll be waiting a little while to pick one up.

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