Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tale of 4 Gamers period 1 under way!

Army lists are in for period 1. I now have 3 weeks to paint 60 Clan Rats to finish up my first list. I have 1 unit based and primed, so hopefully I can get some work in on them tonight. Here are the 4 first period lists. First round matchups are Skaven vs Lizardmen, and Orcs and Goblins vs High Elves:

Rhellion / Skaven
Plague Priest: lvl 1, flail

20 Clan Rats: spear, shield, clawleader, standard, musician
20 Clan Rats: shield, clawleader, standard, musician
20 Slaves

20 Plague Monks: musician, standard, bringer-of-the-word, Storm Banner
5 Plague Censer Bearers
5 Plague Censer Bearers


Gargunki / Lizardmen

Skink Priest: General, Level 2 Upgrade, Aquatic, Dispel Scroll, Diadem of Power.

16 Saurus Warriors: Musician, Standard Bearer, Spears, Shields, Scaly Skin.

2 x 10 Skink Skirmishers: Blowpipe, Aquatic, Skirmishers.

3 Terradon Riders: Arboreal Predators, Javelin, Drop Rocks, Flyer, Skirmishers.

2 Salamanders: Hunting Packs, Spout Flames, Aquatic, Causes Fear, Scaly Skin, Skirmishers.
6 Skink Handlers: Aquatic, Skirmishers.

Total Roster Cost: 740

daskrusher / Dwarfs of Chaos

1 daemonsmith w/shield 112pts

15 chaos dwarf warriors with full command, chaos armour, shields, and attached eruption gun 250 pts

15 chaos dwarf annihilators with standard and musician 195 pts

1 death rocket 90 pts

1 earthshaker cannon 100pts

total: 747
gunslinger / High Elves

Hero on horse Helm of re-rolling armour and SoM, barding, dragon armor
2x10 archers
bolt thrower
12 White Lions + full command, Lion Standard


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