Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Skaven Discussion

 Had a great game today. Here are some questions I came away with from the game.

Question about the Doom Wheel charging: someone said tonight that on the GLWL forum it was discussed that a Doom Wheel must declare a charge? Are there any other units with 360 random movement and impact hits that do not count as charging when they hit a unit? Yes the HPA says it counts as charging, and the Doom Wheel does not, but the Storm Banner also doesn't say 'one use only', along with other omissions and typos in the Skaven book. And if a Doom Wheel hits a friendly unit it does impact hits and them backs off, so what happens if I hit an enemy unit? Do impact hits but then it can't charge? This doesn't make sense. I believe it should be played as the HPA.

My other question is about irresistible force and the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell. Must I exceed 25 along with at least 2 6's for it to be I.F.? Or must I only need to cast enough dice to possibly be successful (5 dice) and get 2 or more 6's to cast with I.F.? Or must I only get 2 6's on at least 2 dice, possibly casting the spell with 2 dice? I got 3 different answers from 3 different people asked tonight.

And when the DTS is cast, it must be cast on and Infantry UNIT. It then removes 4d6 MODELS. So if there is a cavalry model attached to an infantry unit, if I destroy the unit the cavalry models is removed, because I targeted an infantry unit correctly, and he is a 'model' in the unit? This didn't come up, but I thought of it after correcting another error.

Thanks. I had a lot of fun just trying to get of the DTS tonight, and I am thinking of taking a Grey Seer more often because of that ridiculous spell, rofl. Even after my War-litter conversion.


  1. yes a doomwheel counts as charging when it hits an enemy. i think common sense needs to be applied to that one.
    in terms of the DTS, you either need to exceed 25 OR get an irresistible, so yes you can potentially cast it with 2 dice.

  2. You're not able to declare a charge for the Wheel in the same way that you're not able to declare a charge for Frenzied Troops: it's something that happens during the Compulsory Movement phase, which comes after Charge Declarations.

    As to the casting... it feels EXTREMELY WRONG to suggest that you could cast DTS on 2 dice, but I can't say that RAW backs up that feeling. I'll ask this on IFL and see if the folks with a stronger WHFB background can comment.

  3. They're all pretty clear, it goes off on a double-six, regardless of how many dice you roll.

  4. The current Doomwheel ruling for the Great Lakes Warhammer League:

    At the moment, it clearly appears to me that the Designers did NOT intend for it
    to work like a Spawn / Hell Pit Abomination pertaining to moving as all they
    would have to do is cut and past the movement rules. The Designers clearly
    intended the rules to be different by changing the language for the Doom Wheel.

    My current take is as follows:

    A) The Doomwheel must see the opponent to declare a charge and declares charges
    as normal.

    B) The charge is resolved in the compulsory movement portion of the phase (as
    outlined in the Skaven book) with its Random Move of 3D6 - thus it makes charges
    of up to 18" legal in step A. If it fails to contact the enemy if fails the
    charge moving the distance rolled.

    This is what I feel best fits with what appears to be the clear difference in
    design intent between the HPA and the Doomwheel while keeping in alignment with
    the Doomwheel's rules.