Monday, November 2, 2009

Apoc: Tau vs Imperium

Last Saturday we got 6 members of the Ordo Fraternitas Chapter of 40K Fight Club, and had a large Imperium vs Tau Empire battle. 3 Tau armies vs 2 Imperial Guard and 1 Space Marine army. 3000 points each, 9000 points per side total. I didn't take notes to write a battle report, because with such a large game and timed turns to keep things moving it would have been very difficult. So please just enjoy the pics!



The game begins!


The Generals clash! Already wounded, Captain Ideaus falls in close combat to Shas'O Giambi.


Aaaaand... the Tau were victorious!


  1. Oh, and Faye cheats. Forgot to make sure that was in the post.

  2. I saw in your profile that you like the xbox 360 as well. Was wondering if you were looking forward to or going to purchase any of the new games coming out? Seems like there's so many this year, but then again it usually gets this way during the holiday season. Well, it's great to see another blogger with a common interest... hope to keep in touch.