Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Weekend painting checklist

It's going to be a busy weekend. I'm going to the Hockey game tonight, and a full day of driving and eating tomorrow, then painting, gaming, painting, painting, and more painting. Tale of 4 Gamers armies are due for our first games on Tuesday, which means I have a full unit to paint, and finishing touches on another (pictured). I also have some Space Marine vehicles to paint for the Combat Patrol League, based on the list I just wrote up to try in the first week of games. Here is my weekend checklist:

20 Clan Rats with spears
20 Clan Rats (bases and finishing touches)

2 Razorbacks
2 Attack Bikes
1 Land Speeder

Also, I had a marathon game of Warhammer last night. 2 new players playing with large armies lead to lots of rules questions! The Skaven were victorious, with the following observations:

-Hell Pit Abomination is very, very powerful. "Why don't you just take two of them every game"? Because no one would play against a 2 HPA list unless they were forced to in a tournament. He killed an Engine of the gods, Cold One unit, and finished off a Saurus block pretty much solo. I spent all of my anti magic getting him into charge range though. Everyone has an idea of how to kill this thing... lots of fire and missile attacks.

-Doom wheel is very fun in a random blow up your own army sort of way. On 6 shots from it before it died, 3 shots were into my own army, and 3 shots were misfires (although one misfire was a 6, adding d6 to my movement for the remainder). Like Brian said, the Doom Wheel is 190 points. 150 for the Doom Wheel and 40 for a unit of Slaves to drop next to it and soak up first turn or 2 shots.

-BSB is pretty vital for a Skaven army. It saved the game for me, imo. Sort of a General new WHFB player observation.

-I may try to take another unit of Giant Rats. They are great flankers. I ran a 12 model unit for 46 points... 10 rats and 2 pack masters.

-My Furnace didn't get a single round of combat in. I'll have to wait until this weekend to see how it performs.

-Skaven Warlords kitted with a war-litter and other cc gear is still not a combat monster. I'm better off keeping the gear to a minimum and making him survivable. He died to a Saurus Hero in a challenge.


  1. Also, the HPA is deliriously expensive. 250 points buys you, like, two blocks of clanrats!

    My Doomwheel has yet to perform for me. I'm giving it another game or two before I yank it for a Cannon or something else.

    Giant Rats are the best unit in the book. It's madness not to take a few 23 point 5 rat / 1 packmaster blocks for march blocking and charge redirection.

    Never have your Warlord accept a challenge! He should run! Ruuuuuuuun! He's not too bad at killing rank & file, but not other races' characters. That's why you buy champions. :)

    Incidentally, the Bonebreaker Rat Ogre doesn't remove Look Out Sir! That makes him a bit more of a combat beast, and isn't a death sentence.

  2. I was being cocky, and I was the one who made the challenge. He did great the previous turn, and got me +3 overkill. But that was against a unit champion.

    I may try out a Grey Seer on foot this weekend.

  3. I finished all of my rats and one Razorback, but changed my list around so I will be fully painted with other models that I have. Pictures posted tonight, hopefully.

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