Sunday, December 20, 2009

Storm Vermin painted... Clan Rictus

Their bases aren't done just yet, but they are painted for To4G! I'll probably end up doing a marathon basing session for the Slaves, Storm Vermin, and the Giant Rat pack I have yet to paint. The 10 Giant Rats, 2 Pack Masters, and one Warlock-Engineer are what I have to paint before Dec 29. Every unit is another big step towards finishing before the Jan. 10 tournament as well...

How do you guys like the paint scheme? I used camo green to make their tunics darker to show their elite status among the rank and file rats of what I am calling Clan Rictus (hence the banner marking of the Storm Vermin).

Clan Rictus is one of the Warlord Clans who are based in the Lustrian territories. They have strong ties to Clan Pestilens and use their agents often, as well conducting frequent guerrilla warfare strikes on Lizardmen settlements. Their forces wear shades of green to show their allegiance to their Pestilens allies while also being convenient during their war parties.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sneaky Skaven grabs the cheese!

Picture of the new Skaven in action.

No solid updates, as I haven't had my marathon session of painting yet. But in new model news, I picked up 40 new Clan Rats on the sprue in the used bin for $18! I also got a new model used Doomwheel with a broken banner for $18. I'm thinking of building them as another 20 in number Slave unit, and another 30 strong Clan Rat unit (with the random 10 in the picture above) for either a 13th Spell pool of rats, or as a non-Storm Vermin option to push a Screaming Bell. Hand weapons and shields, because imo spears are worthless on a Bell unit... only 4 models will be on the front facing other than the Bell itself.

We also finished up our short and small Combat Patrol league games this week. I ended up going 4-1 overall, with my last game against Space Marines. My oponnent played perfectly to his strengths and my weaknesses to be agressive and wittle my already small numbers down. I probably should have changed the list up a bit after the last few games! Unsure how I did overall in the standings, but the league was fun as a short filler before our next big 40k league/campaign.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Another unit of Skaven Slaves is almost complete...
(sorry for the poor camera phone shot)

Here is how we are looking for deadlines, as I try to finish up another unit of 20 Slaves on Sunday night:

12-29-09 Tale of 4 Gamers round 2 games (period 2 painting due)
01-10-10 St. Johns, MI 2250 WHFB Tournament (GLWL Rules)
01-17-10 GLWL Round 1 Start, Wayne Division (Pandemonium)

I want to have my complete 2250 point army finished for the Jan 10 Warhammer tourney. That means I have a bit of a grind to go in order to complete it all in time, but the holiday break should give me the time I need to complete everything. Luckily I enjoy painting infantry for some crazy reason, so it hasn't been too bad for me to almost finish a unit of 20 in one night when I can find the time.

An on-the-battlefield progress report, I did excellently this weekend in 2 games at the local GW Hobby Center. I played 2250 to try and get a better feel for my list and the rules, and tabled / massacred an Orc and Goblin army, and then a Wood Elf army. It's the experience I need to hope to be competitive in the tournament/league starting in January. I'm interested to see how it does when I run into the Daemon buzzsaw I am scheduled to face on Tuesday.

First turn getting off the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell on a unit of Eternal Guard always helps too.

; )

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Warhammer busy updates

Lots going on. About finished up with the small Combat Patrol League for 40k Fight Club, I have 2 games left. Coming up in January is the next league/campaign: the Ravager Campaign (run by Globalsmack).

Games will focus on all aspects of 40k. We will use Planetstrike, Cities of Death, Apocalypse as well as standard games of 40k. If you can't fit your army into the expansions don't worry, it is up to you what style of game you play.

We will also be using the Heroes of the Ordo Fraternitas expansion to add a bit of character to the campaign.
 Busy busy busy with Warhammer Fantasy. I haven't done any work on my period 2 list painting for Tale of 4 Gamers yet, and I have 50+ models to paint. I'm going to spend my Saturday painting this week and see how much of a dent I can put into the pile. My period 2 Skaven list:

Plague Priest: lvl 2, flail
Warlock-Engineer: lvl 1

20 Storm Vermin: fangleader, standard, musician
20 Clan Rats: spear, shield, clawleader, standard, musician
20 Clan Rats: shield, clawleader, standard, musician
10 Giant Rats: 2 Packmasters
20 Slaves
20 Slaves

20 Plague Monks: musician, standard, bringer-of-the-word, Storm Banner
5 Plague Censer Bearers
5 Plague Censer Bearers


Beyond Tale of 4 Gamers, I have signed up for the 2010 Great Lakes Warhammer League (GLWL) and have turned in my 1500 point fixed list. The remaining points allow you some customization between rounds, but the fixed portion MUST be unchanged throughout the league. Here is my fixed list for the GLWL:
Grey Seer, Skalm, Foul Pendant
Plague Priest, level 2 caster, plague furnace, Warp Scroll
25 Clan Rats, full command, spear, shield
25 Clan Rats, full command, shield
25 Storm Vermin, full command, Storm Banner
10 Giant Rats, 2 Pack Masters
25 Plague Monks, full command, Plague Banner
5 Plague Censer Bearers

And another event! I signed up for a 2250 point tournament in St. Johns, MI on Jan. 10. It is being run with the GLWL rules. I'm really hoping to have my full 2250 point army painted for the tournament, so I REALLY need to get painting soon. Finals are next week, so that will help a lot to be done with school this semester.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jetbike Assault!

Veteran Sergeant Learchus looked at the horizon anxiously. "Keep a look out Marines, I can smell the xenos from here, the Eldar can't be far. Sergeant Daceus, take your squad over that ridge to secure the bunker. Cleander, take your Combat Squad to meet them at..."


The Razorback that Sergeant Learchus was commanding his patrol in exploded from missile fire. He climbed from the wreckage and pulled another brother-marine from beside him. The other 3 power armor clad giants climbed out as the took cover.

"Get behind that rock!", shouted Learchus, "Daceus, take cover in those ruins, Cleander take your squad to the bunker!" The Eldar were visible now, screaming towards them on their Jetbikes. Volleys of shuriken catapults pinned them down.

"They are trying to flank us, sir" Brother Cheiron calmly stated over the Vox-caster. He let a missile fly that destroyed a Vyper jetbike mid fire. "Good, I've got a surprise for them yet" answered Learchus. As the jetbike squad strafed around the rocks, the Combat Squad of marines charged with a hail of bolt pistol fire and leapt at the bikes with combat knives and chainsword drawn. The fight was quick and dirty as the marines cut through the Eldar.

"Casualties from the other flank sir! Brother Tirus is slain" voxed Daceus. "Recover his gene-seed, and avenge his death, Sergeant Daceus" answered Learchus. A volley of Plasma gun fire could be overheard, as more jetbikes exploded from Ultramarine fire. Their streaking in and out from behind the rocky terrain could not save them today.

Up ahead, Learchus could see the jetbike patrol's leader voicing orders, then turn and fly towards his seemingly isolated squad. The bikes slammed into a blue wall of power armor, and after a melee of scorched armor and severed Eldar apendages, a dead Eldar patrol leader lay at Learchus' feet. Seeing their leader fall, the remaining patrol began their retreat.

The Marines of squad Daceus called in, "They are retreating sir, bunker secure". "Good", voxed Learchus, "call in a recovery team, and get me another Razorback".

Tale of 4 Gamers game 1: Lizardmen

Game 1 has arrived, and I did get everything painted on time! Gargunki's Lizardmen were also finished, and on Tuesday we set about to settle to score between Lustria's most hated enemies. My Skaven army is meant to have a Lustria / Clan Pestilense theme, so it is very heavy on the green gloaks and next period the Storm Vermin will also be darker shades of camo green.

My period 1 army (minus the Plague Censer Bearers)

The 750 point Lizardmen

We deployed our armies before I remembered the missing Plague Censer Bearers (and then re-deployed). Gargunki rolled the first turn and began his advance. Turn one was mainly movement and positioning, and his Terradon's racing down my flank.

At the start of turn 2, I activated the Storm Banner and grounded the Terradons. During the magic phase, the slimy Skink shaman was able to wipe out 4 of 5 Censer's in the center of my army. Otherwise the Lizardmen were inactive. The unit of Plague Censer Bearers declared a charge on the Terradon's, and they had to hold for fear of fleeing off the table due to the charge angle. The Storm Banner ran out after only 1 turn. The unit of Skinks flee from a Plague Monk charge, while the Censer Bearers inflict toughness test wounds on the Terradons before smashing them with flails.

During turn 3, the Skinks continue to flee, obviously fearful of the vicious Plague Monks. The Saurus charge the Skaven Slaves, as I was hoping to set up a tactical charge next turn by exposing their flanks. The slimy Skink Shaman again blasts my Plague Censer Bearer's, but this time on the other flank, gaining vengeance for his Terradon riding brothers and killing 3 of 5 crazed Skaven. In a volley of Skink blowpipe shooting, and devastating Salamader raining fire, the Clan Rats are broken of their resolve and flee after taking almost 50% losses. The Slaves are broken in a close combat massacre and scatter, removing a viable charge in my turn. The lone, crazed PCB charges the large unit, and manages to kill 2 Saurus before dying off.

During turn 4 the Skinks rally and stand firm, preparing for the oncoming rat men. The Plague Priest's magical prowess is enough to dispel Forked Lightning the third time, saving my last Plague Censer. But it can't save the Plague Monks, who are then torched by Salamander fire, killing 6. The lone Censer charges the Skinks unit on the brink of the battlefield and their stand and shoot reaction BARELY kills him. One die roll on one remaining shot takes him down. "I hit you in da eye!!!" But then the charging Plague Monks, led by their frenzied Plague Priest, maul the Saurus Warriors in combat, forcing them to break rank and flee. The fear of seeing their much larger cousins run from the plague rats also cause the near-by Skinks to flee from the battlefield, and the Skink Priest also flees towards his table edge.


In turn 5, all Lizards rally. The Saurus get charged again and lose, but are more sound in their resolve and do not flee. On the other end of the battle, the Skinks are charged by the Clan Rats who spent the game moving and manuevering. They are beaten in combat and flee, but rally for the final turn.

Final Turn! The Salamanders try to aid their Skink handlers, but fall short for the first time all game and cannot reach the Clan Rats with their fire. The Plague Priest again holds sway over the forces of magic, and is able to dispel the possibly disastrous forked lightning. Unable to be slowed, the Skaven Clan Rats charge the Skinks, and drive them off the board as they pursue them off as well... unable to claim the board quarter!

Draw game!

Here are the standings after period 1. Next game is vs the Chaos Dwarfs!

1. Skaven - 18
2. Lizardmen - 15
3. Chaos Dwarfs - 4
4. Wood Elves - 1