Sunday, December 20, 2009

Storm Vermin painted... Clan Rictus

Their bases aren't done just yet, but they are painted for To4G! I'll probably end up doing a marathon basing session for the Slaves, Storm Vermin, and the Giant Rat pack I have yet to paint. The 10 Giant Rats, 2 Pack Masters, and one Warlock-Engineer are what I have to paint before Dec 29. Every unit is another big step towards finishing before the Jan. 10 tournament as well...

How do you guys like the paint scheme? I used camo green to make their tunics darker to show their elite status among the rank and file rats of what I am calling Clan Rictus (hence the banner marking of the Storm Vermin).

Clan Rictus is one of the Warlord Clans who are based in the Lustrian territories. They have strong ties to Clan Pestilens and use their agents often, as well conducting frequent guerrilla warfare strikes on Lizardmen settlements. Their forces wear shades of green to show their allegiance to their Pestilens allies while also being convenient during their war parties.

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