Sunday, December 13, 2009


Another unit of Skaven Slaves is almost complete...
(sorry for the poor camera phone shot)

Here is how we are looking for deadlines, as I try to finish up another unit of 20 Slaves on Sunday night:

12-29-09 Tale of 4 Gamers round 2 games (period 2 painting due)
01-10-10 St. Johns, MI 2250 WHFB Tournament (GLWL Rules)
01-17-10 GLWL Round 1 Start, Wayne Division (Pandemonium)

I want to have my complete 2250 point army finished for the Jan 10 Warhammer tourney. That means I have a bit of a grind to go in order to complete it all in time, but the holiday break should give me the time I need to complete everything. Luckily I enjoy painting infantry for some crazy reason, so it hasn't been too bad for me to almost finish a unit of 20 in one night when I can find the time.

An on-the-battlefield progress report, I did excellently this weekend in 2 games at the local GW Hobby Center. I played 2250 to try and get a better feel for my list and the rules, and tabled / massacred an Orc and Goblin army, and then a Wood Elf army. It's the experience I need to hope to be competitive in the tournament/league starting in January. I'm interested to see how it does when I run into the Daemon buzzsaw I am scheduled to face on Tuesday.

First turn getting off the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell on a unit of Eternal Guard always helps too.

; )


  1. Good luck!

    (I'm already getting sick of painting rats.)

  2. I ended up with a Massacre vs Warriors of Chaos and a close Draw against the Daemons. The mono-Slaanesh list I fought was nasty with the leadership spell (3d6 chose the highest 2) that accounted for the deaths of my Hell Pit Abomination AND Doomwheel.

    I should be taking the weekend off from playing to paint my Storm Vermin and Giant Rat units. I might even be able to start on some characters or the Hell Pit Abomination painting. Maybe.