Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Warhammer busy updates

Lots going on. About finished up with the small Combat Patrol League for 40k Fight Club, I have 2 games left. Coming up in January is the next league/campaign: the Ravager Campaign (run by Globalsmack).

Games will focus on all aspects of 40k. We will use Planetstrike, Cities of Death, Apocalypse as well as standard games of 40k. If you can't fit your army into the expansions don't worry, it is up to you what style of game you play.

We will also be using the Heroes of the Ordo Fraternitas expansion to add a bit of character to the campaign.
 Busy busy busy with Warhammer Fantasy. I haven't done any work on my period 2 list painting for Tale of 4 Gamers yet, and I have 50+ models to paint. I'm going to spend my Saturday painting this week and see how much of a dent I can put into the pile. My period 2 Skaven list:

Plague Priest: lvl 2, flail
Warlock-Engineer: lvl 1

20 Storm Vermin: fangleader, standard, musician
20 Clan Rats: spear, shield, clawleader, standard, musician
20 Clan Rats: shield, clawleader, standard, musician
10 Giant Rats: 2 Packmasters
20 Slaves
20 Slaves

20 Plague Monks: musician, standard, bringer-of-the-word, Storm Banner
5 Plague Censer Bearers
5 Plague Censer Bearers


Beyond Tale of 4 Gamers, I have signed up for the 2010 Great Lakes Warhammer League (GLWL) and have turned in my 1500 point fixed list. The remaining points allow you some customization between rounds, but the fixed portion MUST be unchanged throughout the league. Here is my fixed list for the GLWL:
Grey Seer, Skalm, Foul Pendant
Plague Priest, level 2 caster, plague furnace, Warp Scroll
25 Clan Rats, full command, spear, shield
25 Clan Rats, full command, shield
25 Storm Vermin, full command, Storm Banner
10 Giant Rats, 2 Pack Masters
25 Plague Monks, full command, Plague Banner
5 Plague Censer Bearers

And another event! I signed up for a 2250 point tournament in St. Johns, MI on Jan. 10. It is being run with the GLWL rules. I'm really hoping to have my full 2250 point army painted for the tournament, so I REALLY need to get painting soon. Finals are next week, so that will help a lot to be done with school this semester.

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