Friday, October 30, 2009

To4G painting... just getting started.

With the Tale of 4 Gamers league, the object is to field fully painted armies for the maximum league points. With a horde army, this means LOTS of models. I got started last night with my Skaven army, by painting 5 of my Plague Censer Bearers, and 10 of my Plague Monks (who still need some static grass). Again, it seems I am horrible with a camera, but I'll just blame it on the lense. Haha.

I have 10 more Plague Monks, and 5 more Plague Censer Bearers to paint before next Saturday (a week from tomorrow). Then the new Clan Rats will be released, and I will have 40 Clan Rats and 20 Slaves to paint in 3 weeks to complete my army for period 1.

Here is my army list for period 1:

Plague Priest: lvl 2, plague censer

20 Clan Rats: spear, shield, clawleader, standard, musician
20 Clan Rats: shield, clawleader, standard, musician
20 Slaves: musician

20 Plague Monks: musician, standard, bringer-of-the-word
10 Plague Censer Bearers


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