Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tale of 4 Gamers: Roster

We've got 4 players signed up and we will be starting up next month with our Tale of 4 Gamers league for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Rhellion - Skaven
daskrusher - Orcs and Goblins
Gargunki - Lizardmen
Gunslinger - High Elves

Good choices for army balance in the league, IMO, as we have none of the top 3 "power armies" (daemons, vampire counts, dark elves).

The purpose of the league is for the 4 participants to build and play a series of games with fully painted armies. In each of the 4 periods, we will submit an army list, then have 3 weeks to build and paint before playing games with that list.

Points will be tallied based on army performance as well as army completion and painting quality, judged by the other participants.

League Schedule:

2009-11-10 : 750 point roster due
2009-12-01 : Period 1 games start
2009-12-09 : 1250 point roster due
2009-12-29 : Period 2 games start
2010-01-06 : 1750 point roster due
2010-01-26 : Period 3 games start
2010-02-03 : 2250 point roster due
2010-02-23 : Period 4 games start

Point Structure:

10 Massacre! Victory
08 Solid Victory
06 Marginal Victory
04 Draw
01 Loss

10 Army completed on time
05 Period best painted (only current period additions judged)
10 Overall best army (during 4th period instead of Period best)
01 Painted / based movement trays (each period additions)
-1 Each already assembled unit (per period)

Any comments with experience running a Fantasy To4G?

Next To4G post will be Period 1 army selection and WIP!


  1. I am a total N00b at Fantasy Battle having only played about 3 or so games total over 10 years ago with High Elves. I plan to sit down with rulebook and the Lizardman book this week (when I get them) and try and get a clue. I've been reading tacticas and battle reports online and I'm totally lost haha... this should be fun. All Glory to the Hypnotoad!

  2. Roster updated, our 4th army is High Elves!