Monday, October 12, 2009

Planetstrike League Update

40K Fight Club's Ordo Fraternitas Chapter Planetstrike League wrapped up its second period (each period is 2 games). Here is how the standings look (below). So far I am 2-0 against Daemons, and 1-1 against Eldar, leaving me tied with the pack in second. I'm hoping to get some painted stratagem bonus points again this week, so if we all push again I can get an edge. More than likely though, there will be a more definitive separation in standings after this periods mission: Seize and Destroy. Third period games start tomorrow, and my games are against Orks!


1st Space Marines 36
2nd Chaos Space Marines 34
2nd Imperial Guard 34
2nd Orks 34
2nd Space Marines 34 (4th Company!)
2nd Eldar 34
7th Tau 26
7th Necrons 26
7th Necrons 26
10th Space Marines 15
11th Daemons 14
11th Tau 14
13th Chaos Space Marines 2 (Dropped Out)
13th Blood Angels 2 (Dropped Out)

Point structure: 11 points for a win, 6 points for a draw, 1 point for a loss, 1 bonus point for unique (only counted for points once) painted objectives in both games of 1 period, 1 bonus point for fully painted army in both games of 1 period. 

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