Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 weeks until Skaven...

...and my "Army other than Clan Rats" is coming together well. Thanks to a very generous Fight Club member, I grabbed a bag of OOP metal Skaven at League Night this Tuesday. I plan on buying a few more used models this week to hopefully have a 1000 point army at least when the Army Book and Clan Rats come out. So far this is what I'm planning on having (need to still get the *).

Chieftain / Warlord*
Plague Priest
Warlock Engineer

20 Clan Rats*
20 Clan Rats*
20 Slaves*

25 Plague Monks
7 Plague Censer Bearers
5 Poison Wind Globadiers or 5 Jezzails

Warp-lightning Cannon* or Doomwheel*

I don't know what points that will be. I plan on getting 3 boxes of Clan Rats and the army book. If I don't get it, the next purchase after that will be the Doomwheel along with more Clan Rats. And when the Bell/Furnace box comes out the month after, I will add my first Plague Furnace.

And because I never like to leave a blog without something to look at, here are some pics of the new Doomwheel assembled and unpainted. Originally posted by bigred at Bell of Lost Souls

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