Thursday, February 25, 2010

Space Wolf

I finished reading Space Wolf yesterday, the story of Ragnar's induction into the Space Wolves Chapter. I have to say, it was a pleasant surprise after reading the first 2 Ultramarines books about Uriel Ventris. It was damn good! The book starts off with Ragnar Thunderfist as a member of one of the many tribes of Fenris. After a great tribal battle, Ragnar is selected by a Wolf Priest to join the Space Wolves through the many trials a recruit faces before being allowed to join the Chapter. You follow young Ragnar as he takes the path from tribal warrior, to recruit undergoing the trials, to the transformation into a Space Marine, and to a Blood Claw of the Space Wolves and his first mission. The action in this book is pretty exciting and draws you in like a good story should. I'd recommend it in a second.

I have to say, it really inspired me to include Blood Claws in my Space Wolf army lists. I also want to get some Wulfen models from Globalsmack. Sure to be able to run the Apocalypse Formation or a model here or there with the mark. But after reading the book, the actual roleplaying/story elements of these units really stand out for me.

Following up on my 2010 Painting Resolution, I've posted a poll for next month's project! Only a few days away from March. I found the Grey Hunter I was missing (he was hiding in plain sight), so I am ready to finish up my February entry this weekend just in time to start March's entry over Spring Break.


  1. The space marine book that was good was nightbringer. The two after that sucked.

  2. i liked this book as well.. I bought the combo book that has the first three sagas.

  3. I bought the same, but at the time of posting I had only read the first book. I haven't had time to finish the omnibus, because what time I have away from school I have been trying to build, paint, and game!