Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Working tournament list

I'm playing in the Ordo Fraternitas Chapter Tournament in September, and I have started play testing a 1250 point list for it. There are specific restrictions to the list and force organization: 1 HQ (Compulsory), 2 Elite, 5 Troop (2 Compulsory), 2 Fast Attack, 2 Heavy Support. You may not duplicate any Elite, Fast Attack, or Heavy Support choice.

Here is the list as played last night. I played Chaos Marines last night. My Assault Squad was blasted first turn by a Defiler then Lashed into difficult terrain. They were wiped out by demons later, but my Captain survived on his own against the remnants of 2 demon squad until the end of the game (2 full turns solo). My Land Speeder had a Deep Strike scatter into difficult terrain and mishapped to be destroyed (behind the Defiler). My other units took heavy damage, and I was lucky to pull a draw, with the end coming after turn 5.

I've played other versions of this list in preparation that included a Dreadnought instead of a Land Speeder, and the Razorback was equipped with a Heavy Bolter instead of an Assault Cannon. The AC was a nice addition in last night's game. It is meant to be a good "All-Comers" list to deal with everything possible in a tournament. So far in play testing (with minor alterations) it is 1-1-2.


Captain: relic blade, jump pack, storm shield, melta bombs
Tactical Squad: 10 marines, rhino, missile launcher, flamer
Tactical Squad: 10 marines, rhino, multi melta, flamer
Tactical Squad: 5 marines, razorback with twin-linked assault cannon
Assault Squad: 10 marines, sergeant with power fist, 2x plasma pistols
Land Speeder: multi melta

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