Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Classic Results

I had 3 perfect games at today's Fall Classic. Combined with my decent comp score (9/15), my good painting score (10/15), and what I assume was good sports scores, I won first overall. Thanks for Jason and Brian for running the tournament. I will have a full report up soon with pictures and game results. Game 1 was vs Warriors of Chaos, game 2 also Warriors of Chaos, and game three was against Wood Elves who had also had 2 perfect games going into the final table. I had a perfect 60/60 battle points.

I am now 10-1-0 vs Warriors in 8th edition, and will be happy to play them in any and every tournament! J/K Warriors players (not really).The only game I've lost was against a Kholek full monster list, lol.

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