Monday, July 12, 2010

Screaming Bells and a Meeting Engagement

I bought and started to assemble a new Screaming Bell this weekend after playing my opening day Warhammer 8th Edition games. I'm looking forward to trying out a Bell + Furnace list on Tuesday, hopefully. But I was thinking about a few rules questions based on these models.

I've only played two of the new scenarios so far, the regular pitched battle, and Meeting Engagement. ME is the diagonal board halves deployment, 6" from the center line, one whole side deploying at once. But the kicker, and my question, is that each unit, including warmachines and individual characters, has to roll a d6 and is placed in reserve on a roll of 1.

The Screaming Bell and the Plague Furnace have to be deployed inside a unit (each unit depends on the model in question). If the Bell or Furnace is placed in reserve by rolling a 1 during deployment, it is destroyed! They have no movement, meaning that even if the unit I want them to join when they arrive on the board is also on the board edge, I cannot join because I cannot place any friendly models within 1" of another friendly unit. I don't think they even come on the board though, because they have to be deployed inside of their unit in question. Also this matters if I roll a 1 for Plague Monks, because the Furnace can ONLY be deployed in a unit of Plague Monks.

Is this correct?

Also, Can a Skaven Assassin be deployed/revealed in a Screaming Bell unit? Can he be 'deployed' (and noted on the army list) before the Bell so the unit is not unbreakable yet, and then revealed at a later time? Or can he not be in the Screaming Bell unit at all?


  1. I don't have the ENORMOUS RULEBOOK handy, so I can't check the Meeting Engagement rules, but how do they affect inserting characters into units?

    That is to say, I'd be surprised if you can't choose to insert a character into a unit and then roll for the unit to be deployed (rather than once for the character and once for the unit). If that's the case: just treat the Bell/Furnace like the character ('cause that's what it is). Place it in the unit, then roll to see if the unit's deployed or not.

    As to the Assassin: you can put characters into the unit before you put the Bell into the unit; this is covered by the FAQ. So yes, you can put the Assassin in the unit: he just can't leave it, post-reveal, until after the Bell's been destroyed.

  2. For Meeting Engagement you "roll a dice for each separate unit, including each individual character and war machine." It's different than the Dawn Attack scenario. It can be held in reserve on its own according to these rules.

  3. I think they may have screwed up on the RAW a bit on that one, though the evil side of me would love to see a bell/furnace destroyed on the first turn, I think I'd let my opponent deploy it with the unit anyways.