Friday, July 23, 2010

8th Edition BRB FAQ / Island of Blood Announced

Link to FAQ

- Skaven really use SiN for Steadfast now
- Purple Sun no longer hits the Wizard casting it
- Purple Sun also doesn't effect units it jumps through after max distance
- multiple +1 attack possible
- unstable + ethereal clarified
- LoS against template spells
- must slay rider + mount to score any victory point

The answer that "You must kill the rider and mount to score any victory points" is an interesting one. This means if you kill a Grey Seer who is the army General while riding a Screaming Bell, you won't get his points, or the 100 points for killing a General, unless you also kill the Screaming Bell. You must kill the rider and mount to score any victory points

New Update!

Island of Blood has also been officially announced.

According to GW, there are 74 models in the box set and we should look forward to Official Pictures next week.


  1. "- Skaven really use SiN for Steadfast now"

    Locally, we'd settled on this as the most likely interpretation, but it's extremely satisfying to see them remove any shadow of a doubt.

  2. Now I only want to know how SiN interacts with Blade of Realities. Blade still says "unmodified" but SiN says "ANY Leadership test".

  3. I went up to the Hampton Village GW store yesterday and they have all of the Island of Blood minis on display. They REALLY look great.