Friday, July 16, 2010

Island of Blood contents spotted!

Surfing the interwebs today I found some reports of the Island of Blood models being seeing at local GW Hobby Centers! Take these reports for what they are, internet posts, but get ready to be excited...

Over on Dakka dakka, there are rumored sightings of the contents of the new starter set.

"GW stores now are now receiving their display sprues from Island Of Blood. Customers in my local GW store were assisting in assembling the models today. They look absolutely terrific. I've seen Swordmasters and the Griffin assembled. Great detail, poses, etc. The Skaven stuff looked good on the sprue. As rumored, 2 Rat Ogres and a Warp Fire Thrower among all the great smaller stuff."


"check out the burning rat on the 'thrower"


"Got ahold of the minis today for Island of Blood. Skaven are amazing, High Elves pretty good. Chieftain in the style of Queek, but with a back banner and halberd. 40 Clanrats, Warpfire Thrower (complete with burning rat), Posion Wind Mortar (meh, was disappointed by this, not much detail on the mortar itself), Chieftan, Warlock Engineer, 2 Rat Ogres (tiny heads) and a Pack Master.

On the High Elf side it was a Prince on a Griffon (on a flying stand, really, really, really, ugly. It was stretched out like the Dragon is though, in a "flying motion"), 5 very nice Elerian Reavers (fantastic champion in this unit), 10 Sword Masters (pretty sure they were all unique models- same pose/different style armor and whatnots), and 10 Sea Guard.

That's all I saw, and was told it's going to be $90. I'm getting 2 for my Skaven, unfortunately all the Clanrats have shields sculpted on."


"Clanrats are armed with hand weapons"


"And no slaves for the skavens? Sad "

I just may have to give my local GW a call and see if they have them available. Apparently they need to have the Island of Blood contents assembled, painted, and on display by the first week in August.

Another quote update:
I'm the 3rd quote there, currently waiting for my Rat Ogre's bases to finish drying before going on to prime them smile.gif

Be jealous.

But as far as I've seen, there are no Slaves or Globadiers with what I have been sent. The infantry I have are 40 rats, all with shields, 20 with hand weapons, and 20 with spears. So I guess they can still be Slaves, it's just all in the painting, as the models are almost indistinguishable from normal multi-part Clanrats.


  1. Can't wait to see the contents - I'm especially looking forward to the characters, weapon teams and globadiers which will bring some really old models in line with the great recent skaven kits. Hopefully there will be a good bulk of rats and slaves as well.

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    Even though I don't collect neither High Elves nor Skaven, with the high quality plastics have these days, major releases like this sure is great!

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