Sunday, July 18, 2010

Screaming Bell completed

I worked all night to finish my Screaming Bell. 2 Monster Energy Drinks and 1 5-Hour Energy later (and a few hours of sleep) and I have some finished pictures! I was planning on doing WIP shots as I completed pieces, but my internet was totally crapping out on me yesterday. I'm glad to get these up.

I really like the look of it. I also made sure to differ his paint scheme slightly from my Plague Furnace, to really distinguish each of them on the battlefield. I think I'll be using one of each for a while in my upcoming games. After painting them, how can I not!

Now I just cannot wait for the new Island of Blood boxed set. The pictures floating around the internet show that the Clan Rats look almost identical to the regiment boxed set. It should be easy to make a couple large units and add to what I already have pushing the Bell. BTW, the Rat Ogres look amazing!


  1. You're a jerk.

    Your models, especially this Bell, look so good it makes me not only consider playing WHFB, but seriously consider playing Skaven.

    I already play Orks in 40K, and was just about getting fed up with hauling around so many dog gone models.

    Your discussions of the new edition would even help me win, thus spurring me on further.

    Well done!


  2. Haha! Thanks.

    And yeah, I definitely have to cart around a ton when I bring the Skaven out. I use a Army Transport - Division case. Now with the new Island of Blood and this Screaming Bell I need another case to hold all my new models. The old one is FULL.

  3. I have to second Jason's comments, I look at the piles of plastic on my shelf and get depressed when I look at your blog. Not only do you paint fast but you paint well, and I think its awesomely unfair!


  4. I have PLENTY of unpainted Space Wolves.

    I just get really motivated when it comes to painting Skaven for some reason. It's helping me enjoy Fantasy more than 40K lately, but I do still need to get motivated and paint my Wolves!

    Thanks for the comments.