Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tale of Two Gamers

I have a new student of the game! My Wife, who is also a video gamer, roleplaying gamer, and now wargame enthusiast, is interested in learning Warhammer. She has already started the beginnings of her own Daemons of Chaos army. And as we are both starting up new projects (I am a little ahead of her, already having my 2500 points of new Ogres), I'll try to post up our progress as we build our completed new armies.

We are getting ready to start off with some learning games at 500 points each. Here is how we are looking to start. Notice the single Sabertusk in my list. I'm sure it will get eaten almost immediately, but I had to meet the 3 unit minimum!

Rhellion's 500 point Ogre list:

Firebelly, L1 Fire
5 Ogres, bellower, ironfists
4 Ironguts, bellower
1 Sabertusk

Mrs Rhellion's 500 point Daemon list:

 Herald of Khorne, armor of khorne
10 Bloodletters, full command
10 Bloodletters
3 Flamers

There will be no timeline on this project, as we are slowly building as we paint some of this. Though I will probably be taking unpainted Ogres to some local small events.

Shot of the Ogres to be completed... battle report and info on the Daemons coming soon:

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