Monday, March 12, 2012

Unique Daemons

So as I stated in the last update, my Wife is starting up a Daemons of Chaos army for Warhammer Fantasy. We bit the bullet last Thursday and picked up all the models for her 2400 point army and started building. Along the way, I started putting together some conversions to add a little unique flair to the army, while she was feverishly assembling Bloodletters. For Furies, I decided to use Ungor and Gargoyle wings from the 40k kit. After looking online and getting Twitter feedback, I bumped these up to Gor with Gargoyle wings. For the Fiends of Slaanesh I really wanted something unique and eye catching... and cheaper than $23 metal models. After seeing a similar idea on the Daemon forum, I decided to use Seekers of Slaanesh as the base for the "Centaurs of Slaanesh" Fiends. The idea was the body below the waist as a Seeker, sleek and fast... and the upper body of a Daemonette with the huge champion claws from the Seeker and Daemonette kit. Have a look for #miniaturemonday.

The first of the Furies was looking a little static, so I added some dynamic poses the 3 of the remaining 4 in the first unit.

Very simple, yet effective conversions. Next up was a little more advanced, for me.

The first version of the Fiend. I posted up to Twitter and got some feedback that I needed to get rid of the saddle. I agreed. That would mean I would need to do some Greenstuff work though, which I have never really done.

Back to the planning stages. Here is my first layer. I tried to smooth it out and make it as easy as possible to make look good later.

After the greenstuff work and reassembly of the claws, I am very happy with the results. The remaining 3 in the unit have less difficult skin/scale patterns and hair. It was also MUCH easier shaving the saddles before assembling the model. I am more confident the remaining 3 Fiends will look better.

 We also picked up a steal in the used bin. After making sure it was what she wanted, I grabbed a used Greater War Demon from Ultraforge Miniatures to use as the Bloodthirster... for only $20! The little paint on the model is very thin, so I don't have any problems painting over it, rather than trying to strip such a large model.

I also picked up my Battlefoam 720 that arrived this week. This is my Ogre army's case, and also came with a custome tray that fits 4 Mournfang and 2 Ironblasters.


  1. Also, I haven't won a game against her yet. We drew at 500 points as her Flamers chewed me up. She won at 750 points as the single Fiend was good, Flamers were good, and Loremaster (even on a level 2) was scary!

  2. nice fiend! where is the lower part of the body from?

  3. From the Seekers of Slaanesh box set. The lower part is a Seeker mount from the kneck down, with the saddle shaved off.