Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hobby Town tournament report

I drove down to Holland, Ohio this past weekend to face off against the Ohiohammer podcast crew in a small 1600 point tournament at Hobby Town USA. Things went well for the Skaven, and I am slowly getting back into the swing of things as I start to prepare for more local tournaments, Waaagh Paca, the GLWL kickoff, and the main event: Adepticon 2012! Here was my army at 1600:

Grey Seer
Plague Priest, plague furnace, ironcurse icon
Chieftain, BSB
Warlock, doomrocket
28 Storm Vermin, standard, mus, Storm Banner
37 Slaves, mus
36 Slaves, mus
28 Plague Monks, standard, mus
Hell Pit Abomination
Warp Lightning Cannon

I was running everything with bare bones upgrades to fit it all in, and it worked out in the end after I got over game 1!

Game 1 vs Tomb Kings, I was facing off against 2 Warsphynx's, a NecroSphynx, and a Hierotitan all at 1600 points. I figured it would be an easy task if I rolled up Crack's Call... then didn't roll Crack's Call! From that point I was playing "not to lose" and was able to take out all of his core units (the stuff I was able to kill). I think I made one mistake not going after the flank of a Warsphynx and trying to kill it with combat res with my Furnace, but ity led to combat with the chariot unit and more guaranteed points. His L3 Caster General abandoned his unit and was running around solo at the end of the game, and I failed on 3 chances to shoot/magic him down. Unable to kill all the giant monsters at 1600 points I fall 6-4 in a very tight loss.

Game 2 vs Dwarfs I was able to get off a quick win. Across the table I was facing an Anvil Runelord, Warriors w greatweapon, Longbeards with shields, a large unit of Rangers w great weapons, and 2 cannons and a grudge thrower. First rule of facing Skaven? Never let the Grey Seer use Skitterleap. I then set up Crack's Call with my Warpstone Tokens and took out all of the warmachines except for the surviving final Cannon (that didn't have the flamin Rune). A combo charge of Slaves and the Abom next turn take out the Rangers completely, and I was able to mop up from there to win big 15-0.

Game 3 vs Lizardmen, playing the remaining undefeated player. An ethereal Slaan in a horde of Saurus, some Saurus cav, loads of Skink units, and 2 single Salamanders. I was able to focus on the Saurus unit with shooting and magic over the first 2 turns and get it down to about 20 models from 30-something. On top of three I charged into a skink unit close by with my plague furnace horde, popped them and had set up to overrun into the Saurus so the next turn in combat when I counted as charging. Next turn rolls around and I defeat the horde, they fail their re-rollable insane courage, and I pop the Slaan and run down the horde for a huge 15-1 victory and win the tournament by 2 points.

It was a fun time driving down to see the Ohiohammer boys. After the tournament I recorded a Skaven army book review with them. Be sure to listen to Ohiohammer episode 10 to check it out!

Next weekend I have another tournament up in Flint, MI! Three in a row! Look for a battle report next week sometime.


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, Rhellion. Congrats! I have to ask your opinion on Adepticon Fantasy events for 2012. There are a few if you look at the site, including a 1000 point beginners one. I want to whip out the ogres since they will be all painted (anywhere up to 3000 points by Adepticon), but my experience level is still pretty low. I've had like three games with them so far. I'm looking at about 4-5 games in our upcoming escalation league and possibly 10+ in January when I go out to see Wolfson.

    Given that limited experience, do you think it is worth it to play in the Big Brawl or events like that ... or should I go for the kids table event?

  2. I think it's more fun to play in larger point events, but it is definitely more cutthroat. As Ogres you have more options to play with all your toys. I think what you have going is enough experience to jump in. Sure a better grasp of the rules would help your chances to be on the top tables, but a good player is a good player, and I think your 40k experience will translate.

    I am signed up for the Friday Big Brawl, Saturday Championships, and Sunday Team Tournament. So I will be playing a LOT of Fantasy at Adepticon.

    Where are you at now? I would always be up for driving for a few games, but I'm not sure if you're out of state.

  3. If you wanted to get some games in, I will be at the Gamers Sanctuary for a 3 game tournament this Saturday. There should be a good mix of experienced and newer players from who I have talked to.

    Otherwise we will have to set something up to either meet halfway somewhere or I will drive out for an event by you. Anything coming up tournament wise for Fantasy at Evolution?