Saturday, July 28, 2012

Assassin comparison.

Small hobby update today. I put together a new assassin today and was able to compare first hand the difference between the old metal and new Finecast Deathmaster Snikch models. I'm hoping to paint these guys up soon to mess around with in Fantasy, but taking a look at the models themselves, the Finecast version IS a bit of a disappointment compared to the old metal. It is so fragile in the thin areas it feels like it will snap with a stiff breeze. It also had a lot more work needing to be done to clean it up and I felt again like I would break it, and also had to remove some detail on the cape in order to get rid of some thick flash.

On the positive side, what detail is on the model IS more crisp and does look better. I do prefer Finecast over metal to have lighter models. I know some people love the weight of a metal model, but I am the opposite. I prefer plastic and finecast for the weight. Also, it is super easy to do conversions, which I may end up doing to the second assassin for when I ever use 2 of them.

More up tomorrow. Off to the hobby store to pick up the new White Dwarf with new Daemon rules inside, and to play a game of Fantasy and a game of Warmachine.

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