Monday, July 30, 2012

Exalted Vermin Lord

I have had the Exalted Vermin Lord on my bench for a while now, on a 60x100 base for the official Storm of Magic monster. But I've been thinking of playing a game or two with a regular Vermin Lord in my regular games lately, especially with Midlands coverage in the UK, where they have a Best Vermin Lord award! Ben Johnson, formerly of the Bad Dice Podcast, altered his Exalted Vermin Lord to fit a 50x50 regular monster base and to be used as a regular VL in tournaments... so I thought I would do the same with mine!

Here you can see just how much bigger than a normal GW Vermin Lord the Warhammer Forge Exalted Vermin Lord truly is. The model is light resin, but is still much too heavy to stay upright in a 50x50 base. I started out by layering some washers to get it to stand up. It worked, but it still wasn't completely steady.

Here you can see how I angled the entire model upwards slightly. The VL isn't leaning so far forward, and I also added a lot of green stuff to the base to cover the small bits I used to fill and help weigh the model some more.

Here you can see this monstrosity compared to a full size Hellpit Abomination. It's HUGE! You can also see I angled the model upwards even slightly more. The model is SOLID now and the bease is actually pretty heavy, holding it firmly on the table.

And here is the final Vermin Lord, ready for paint. Man this model is too cool to not use, so I will be getting some practice in with him soon to see what I can actually accomplish with him on the table. Hopefully I will start slapping paint on his this week, and will update when I do.

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