Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2v2 40K Tournament

Saturday I will be playing in a 2v2 40K tournament at Shenanigans in Taylor, MI. I am teaming up my Space Wolves with Tyranids to take on the 3-game tournament. The tournament format is 1250 points per player, each player has a standard Force Org. There are three unique missions: Endzone, Adversaries, and Recover and Reclaim. Each mission has three objectives, worth 10, 6, and 4 Battle Points.

Endzone is a standard pitched battle deployment. Players alternate placing three objectives in their opponents deployment zones before deployment. The primary objective is to control more of the objectives in the enemy deployment zone. The secondary objective is to reduce more enemy squads below half strength. The tertiary objective is to kill the opposing HQ worth the most victory points.

Adversaries is spearhead deployment. Each army must nominate their Commander at the start, and the Commanders must move towards each other each turn to assault if possible. The primary objective is Kill Points. The secondary objective is to kill the opposing Commander. The tertiary objective is for your Commander to kill the opposing general (Commander?).

Recover and Reclaim is dawn of war deployment, and the first turn is night fight. During deployment place an objective in the opponents deployment zone. The first time a unit ends its move in terrain, on a 5+ that terrain piece becomes the "tower". The primary objective is to hold the tower objective, and the unit must be inside the terrain piece. The secondary objective is to control your objective placed in the enemy deployment zone with a scoring unit. The tertiary objective is to destroy the most vehicles and/or monstrous creatures.

I'll be Tweeting our results as the tournament goes on!

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  1. Hmmmm.... maybe I can get out there to watch. That would be a lot of fun.