Saturday, September 25, 2010

'Ard Boyz Round 2 Results

I made the trip today to The Game Room in Toledo, OH to participate in the second round of 'Ard Boyz. I was expecting a knock down, drag out, hard fought set of games against the hardest lists around. I definitely got that sort of game in the final match, but not really in the first 2. I credit a good draw for my success, and I actually should have done better but I accept the results, and I really did have a good time overall. Thanks to The Game Room for hosting.

Game 1 vs Warriors of Chaos, my opponent was pretty shocked at what I had on the table. It is 'Ard Boyz after all, but he was upset and it wasn't a very friendly game at all. He had 2 Lords fleeing from my Abominations when I ended the game by breaking him, so their points denied I ended up with a Minor Victory. 16 Battle points.

Game 2 was the exact opposite of game one in enjoyment, and I had an absolute blast and my opponent was a great guy. One of the more enjoyable games of Warhammer I've played, because my opponent was a cool guy and not just because I won. The 13th spell ended up taking out his General, BSB, and level 2 caster in this game, as it was his first game against Skaven and didn't realize what the 13th Spell COULD do. I also had some good luck with my cannon and Doomwheel against Minotaurs. 23 Battle points.

Game 3 on Table 1 vs the other Skaven army! My opponent had 1 Grey Seer, a defensive Warlord General, and another Warlord with the Fellblade. Otherwise our armies were similar, as he had 2 Hell Pit Abominations, a Furnace, 2 units of Gutter Runners, etc. Turn 1 I got the 13th Spell off and killed his Storm Vermin and Fellblade Warlord, because he only took a unit of 10 to get the Storm Banner in his list. I took my foot off the gas and he came back, and in the end actually pulled ahead on points. We finally ended with a Draw, and I won 12-10 on Battle points. GREAT game down to the end.

 Turn 2 action

Turn 5 dead pile

In the end there was a snafu, and the Daemon player from Table 2 ended up winning when he shouldn't have (rules mistakes made by both players), and I got 3rd overall. The Skaven player I "beat" was pretty upset, because he probably should have won 1st overall.

The tournament itself was pretty fun and intense. I'm looking forward to Chicago.


  1. Very nice, congrats on the result. I wish I could have gone to my semis but the venue was just too inconvenient and the timing pretty bad for me.

    The WoC you played first round had two Lords? What magic was he running if he didn't have a Sorcerer Lord?

  2. He had 2 level 2's. I just don't think he brought a list that was prepared to handle 'Ard Boyz.

  3. LOL... somehow I clicked this post and got the other one. Didn't notice when I then posted a comment for this on the last. So here we go:

    congrats on your placement. Wish I could say look forward to meeting you but I'm taking my placement to the LA finals if they are in fact being offered. GW's site hasn't been very clear about it.

  4. Funny that someone got upset about a list at 'ard Boys...

    especially the second tier what kid of competition did he have at the first level?


  5. He actually drove with my game 2 opponent (who was a great opponent) and said they were 2 of the only 3 who showed up at their first round store.