Friday, September 24, 2010

Round 2 missions

Pictures have been added to the massive Dwarf battle report. Check them out below this post.

The scenarios have been posted for round 2 of 'Ard Boyz! I got to playtest the first mission last night, which I needed because I have never played the Blood and Glory scenario! The special rules are just NASTY! I got 2 Dreaded 13th Spell's off on a single turn tonight. Taking a point away from my opponent while also giving myself one as I placed my own Clan Rats with a standard on the table.I won my practice game vs Warriors of Chaos, but the important thing was to win on my own terms. By this, I mean gaining enough victory point before taking the opponents last Fortitude point. The game ends as soon as the army breaks and then points are calculated. If you break them with the first spell of the game, you will end up with a Draw or Minor Victory!

They fixed the victory points. Massacre is 1750 more points than your opponent. Major is 1000 more. Minor is 500 more, and a Draw is winning by 499 points or less.

Scenario 1: Blood and Glory with crazy magic. Double 1, 2, and 3 are miscasts but will still go off. Double 4, 5, 6 are Irresistible. Both need to meet the casting result. +1 for lowest value unit alive, EACH enemy wizard killed, having all your wizards alive, and killing your opponents most expensive unit. The game ends as soon as you reach the break point, then determine the difference in victory points for battle points.

Scenario 2: Meeting Engagement. Each general has a token that grants 1 re-roll, and is worth 250 victory points. +1 battle point for EACH lucky token you control, for killing more characters, for killing the General, and for controlling both tokens at the end of the game.

Scenario 3: Battleline. 2 units start in reserve and arrive on turn three from the side or rear edge. +1 battle point for killing the lowest point cost unit, for capturing more banners, for killing the General, and for EACH of the enemy reinforcement units killed.

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