Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Looking at 'Ard Boyz results in the Great Lakes region

My round 1 'Ard Boyz army

I wanted to take a look at what happened last month at 'Ard Boyz, at least in the locations that are possibly within driving distance of the two semi final locations I am thinking about going to. Either Indianapolis, or more likely than not, Toledo OH. I haven't been able to get any real results from Ohio or Michigan other than the two local locations I know about. PLEASE, if you know of any other results, post them in the comment section or email me at rhellion.wh@gmail.com

So lets take a look at what happened in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio.

Garden City, MI
1- Skaven
2- Warriors of Chaos
3- Lizardmen

Livonia, MI
1- High ELves
2- Dark Elves
3- Wood Elves

Bloomington, IL
1- Orcs and Goblins
2- Ogres
3- Brettonians

Springfield, IL
1- Skaven
2- Dwarfs
3- Skaven

O'Fallon, IL
1- Dark Elves
2- Vampire Counts
3- Dark Elves

Indianapolis, IN
1. Daemons of Chaos
2. Lizardmen
3. Vampire Counts

Indianapolis, IN
1- Dwarfs
2- Vampire Counts
3- Warriors of Chaos

Indianapolis, IN
1- Empire
2- Warriors of Chaos
3- Dark Elves

Lafayette, IN
1- Orcs & Goblins
2- Wood Elves
3- High Elves

Fort Wayne, IN
1- Dark Elves
2- Dwarfs
3- High Elves 

Totals of these armies in the Great Lakes region, and I will update as I get more results from more local locations:

Dark Elves -5
Skaven - 3
Warriors of Chaos - 3
Vampire Counts - 3
High Elves -3
Dwarfs - 3
Lizardmen - 2
Wood Elves - 2
Orcs and Goblins - 2
Ogres - 1
Empire - 1
Daemons of Chaos - 1

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