Monday, September 13, 2010

Skaven and a Meeting Engagement

I know I've blogged about this before, but after brainstorming my list and adding in some Plague Monks I was giving some serious thought to a Plague Furnace! The problem comes in when you add the rules for Meeting Engagement where all units and individual characters must roll to see if they are placed in reserve at the start of the battle. The problem is, if you roll a '1' on either your Furnace or Monks and not both, the Furnace is effectively destroyed because it has no unit to deploy into!

Now I've thought up my own solution, and I've gotten some opinions from other event organizers, but I decided to go to the source. I called up Games Workshop Customer Service and they confirmed my thoughts. Since it can ONLY be deployed inside the Plague Monks the Plague Furnace and the monks are rolled for together. This would apply to similar units that MUST be deployed together (like a Screaming Bell if you only have 1 unit of Clan Rats or Storm Vermin, or a Slaan in a unit of Temple Guard). But, more importantly the ruling is not official so I would have to call my tournament organizer and get their ruling.

So I called up The Game Room in Toledo, OH and asked. The Game Room is where I will be heading for the next round of 'Ard Boyz. They agreed with the ruling on the Plague Furnace that I thought was correct and GW CS backed up, and it looks like I am bringing a Plague Furnace to the next round.


  1. Be sure to report how it performs, I'm curious about its usefulness in 8th.

  2. I am too! I used it almost exclusively in 7th. I'm hoping to get a good feel for it in a couple practice games before the 25th. I trust it to at least hold one flank, and hopefully avoid Blade of Reality Lizardmen! The impact hits and fog attacks will always strike before ASF, so that is good for the new edition. The wrecking ball is ASL, so it's almost as if it has Thunderstomp. I think it will be just as effective as before.

  3. Good to hear! I want to get this model for my skaven eventually and I would hate for it to go the way of the tyranid mawloc.

  4. Rhellion; your query is actually completely moot if you read the rules regarding deployment (p142 of the mini rule book)
    "Characters can choose to either enter the battle on their own or as part of a unit they are allowed to join. if the battle uses dice to determine when and where reserves enter, state the character is joining a unit before making any rolls. if so, make a single roll for both"
    so any furnaces/bells (as they are character mounts) can be joined to a unit of monks/clanrats/stormvermin before you roll :)

  5. Reread the rules for Meeting Engagement, where the scenario states that each unit (including separate characters) is rolled for separately. If one is one the board, and the other is in reserve, how can they ENTER the board together? This is the entire problem before the ruling.

  6. i know what the meeting engagement rules state.
    but keep in mind that that scenario is the only one with reserve rules, hence the part about reserves in the deployment section of the book is only there because of that mission.
    not that it really matters as common sense prevailed and they agreed that they can be rolled for in one hit...