Monday, September 13, 2010

Another 3000 points.

I was doing some list rewriting, playtesting, and option gauging this weekend, and I am thinking about finalizing my 'Ard Boyz list for the next round. After the first round I came away with a couple opinions of my own list. 1) I didn't need the sacrificial Warlock with the Forbidden Rod. He didn't offer much to the army. 2) The Giant Rats were good for taking up space on my flanks, but didn't contribute to any serious fights and my army almost had too many models to be fully effective. I experimented this week with Rat Ogres, but I was unhappy with them. Yes they hit hard, but they have no armor save, and 300 points for 6 Ogres (and 3 Packmasters) is too much of an investment for my liking in this environment. I am still planning on bringing them to the Fall Classic.

So here is what I am thinking about adding. 1) Plague Monks. They are taking the place of the Giant Rats again, who I originally took the Monks out for. I want to get a magic banner in their unit to get more flaming attacks in the army. I am expecting to see lots of Dark Elf players in the next round. I would prefer to give them the Storm Banner and keep flaming attacks on the Storm Vermin, but that would drop me below my minimum Core. It also gives me a place to put in my next addition and use them as a decent flank protector and support unit. 2) Plague Priest. I wanted this guy in the list as another channel die, another Plague Spell to get my Power Scroll Grey Seer 'Plague' like I plan on, and a good leader of the Plague Monks. I gave him the Warp Scroll which is very powerful if it goes off, Bound 5 doing S2 hits to every model in a single unit within 24" with no armor saves. 3) My third unit of Gutter Runners. I hated to see them go when I was toying around with Rat Ogres. These guys are outstanding for either scouting and taking away Vanguard moves and protecting my own war machines, scouting and taking out poorly deployed war machines or characters, or sneaky infiltrating and doing whatever I want.

The scenarios haven't been released yet. This takes away from my total core units in the army, but also adds another banner if there is a fortitude scenario (although I have a feeling the deployment and core missions will be the same). So here is the list as it stands. Please comment and critique.

Grey Seer (G), lvl 4 ruin and plague, talisman of preservation, dispel scroll
Grey Seer, lvl 4 plague and ruin, foul pendant, power scroll

Plague Priest, lvl 1 plague, warp scroll
Chieftain, bsb, shield, armor of destiny
Warlock Engineer, lvl 1 ruin, warp-energy condenser
Warlock Engineer, doomrocket
Warlock Engineer, obsidian amulet

30 Storm Vermin, full command, storm banner
30 Clan Rats, full command, shields
30 Clan Rats, full command, shields
40 Slaves
40 Slaves

24 Plague Monks, full command, banner of eternal flame
5 Gutter Runners, slings, poisoned attacks
5 Gutter Runners, slings, poisoned attacks
5 Gutter Runners, slings, poisoned attacks

Hell Pit Abomination, warp spike
Hell Pit Abomination
Warp Lightning Cannon


21% Lord - 615
14% Hero - 432
25% Core - 755
16% Spec - 473
24% Rare - 725


  1. Rat Ogres are useless, everytime I see a list with them I'm fairly positive that they have not played many games with them. Frenzy, lousy leadership, T4 with no save. I LOVE to meet other skaven armies with RO's. :-)

    Gutter runners are exceptional, I had two units of 10 who easily shot down a hellcannon yesterday. Hell pits are awesome.
    I think your list looks solid, I for one plan to increase my slave units to 50. The only thing I use them for is to protect grey seer unit and so tie up enemies as long as possible whilst firing on them. With 50 guys, they can keep steadfast and re-rollable leadership 10 for a couple of rounds.

    I have not tried plague monks a lot, but I'm afraid they will die to easy, low I and no save. Yes, they have some attacks, but that is with S3. Again, if I were to fight another skaven player, I would like to see plague monks. Hit them with slaves and then burn them with warpfire.

    Looking forward to hear about your battles, I really like your blog.

    Espen, Norway

  2. Two units of 5 that was. 10 in total. :-)

  3. Thanks for the comments! I really think Plague Monks serve one purpose: Plague Furnace delivery unit. I will be bringing two lists the day of the tournament and the one I use will depend on the TO ruling on Meeting Engagement as it relates to the Plague Furnace. If it is rules favorably I will take out a unit of Gutter Runners and a Warlock and add in a Plague Furnace.